the vampire in me
2004-11-25 14:37:26 ET

ok heres what happened..
i was in the bathroom, i took the hoop out of my ear and cleaned my ear which at this point was a 10 or an 8 not sure, after i cleaned it up all nice and clean, i picked up faith's earring (a 6 gage ring) i started to push it through, thinking it was going through but it wasnt. i stopped and looked at it for a second, then started again. 2seconds later i realized i had shoved it through. half a second after it went through i was ready to scream. it hurt like a bitch once i realized what happened.. and it hurts like a bitch right now too. my normal nightly routine is to wear headphones before bed ... i tried but i cant handle it.. ok so now my ears are a 6 and a 4 damn it why cant i just wait for my left ear to catch up to the right ear? hhmmm maybe ill get them even tonight... oh thats right it already hurts like a bitch im not touching it, maybe ill take it out so i can drink the blood though.... mmmm blood..
it hurt so much that i danced around the bathroom for a while
hee hee hee it was funny

2004-11-27 19:25:39 ET

Well,I hope your ear gets well soon, and be careful on dancing in the bathroom, if it's wet you might slip and fall.... and that wouldn't help for your ear.

2004-11-28 12:28:14 ET

lol.. thanks but it wasnt wet. :)

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