my specialized pixie
2004-11-29 14:54:19 ET

ok maybe not specialized but i couldnt find one that i liked with a cat so i took the cat from one of them and put into one that i liked so here it is

besides ... i couldnt decide between the pixies weather girl 2, 6, 7, weathergoth 2, 4, and then of course weather girl 10, and then even Dollz: tamzin
im such a schitz that i could be described as all of them by the same person... antipathy help me choose!!! you know me best... i think...?
pick my pixie

2004-11-29 18:05:44 ET

heh.. amuzing

2004-11-29 20:08:32 ET

How did you get a cat?

I have the same weather goth, but no cat.

2004-11-29 20:09:00 ET

Put your pixie in your biography! :) That way she'll always be there.

2004-11-30 11:11:19 ET

hhmmm.... good idea but i still havent made up my mind which one i want.... oh yeah and the cat... this is something Antipathy taught me.. press print scrn(to the right of F12) when your looking at a pixie that has a cat. then open paint or photo shop or something dedicated to pictures, and paste. then use the marque tool (the box made of dotted lines) and select the cat. copy it. then press ctrl+a and delete.. then press ctrl+v... at this point you should have the cat and the background. save it or open another window of paint(or what ever your using). then go back to the pixies and select the one you want. press print scrn again... this time select the picture (the picture i have above is how much i selected).. ctrl+c, then ctrl+a, then delete, and then press ctrl+v.. (those are the short cute keys for copy, then select all, then delete, and then paste)...
then once you have the picture by itself.. go to edit-paste from- and "my pictures" should pop up.. select the kitty cat and press open or select whichever it says. but then you have to play with it to make it just the way you want it...
if i got too technical or if i confused you just tell me. :)

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