2004-12-04 15:56:00 ET

trapt by thoughts that are not mine

sadness is comsuming, fear is overwhelming
confusion takes me over as thoughts run though my mind
thoughts run circles, round and round
nothings straight its all mixed up
cant hear my own thoughts
because foriegn thoughts rush through my head
unable to catch a word, they run straight through without a pause
cant grasp the concept of any of these thoughts
theyre running wild while i am trapt
nothings clear anymore
everything is all mixed up
cant see straight
i think its fate but know its not
cant grasp reality
its all one big conspiracy

2004-12-04 21:05:20 ET

That's the irony of awareness.
It's needed a conscience to develop a thought about itself, but in its course, while analysing it, another thought ts needed to comprehend it, but then this whole idea of philosophying the act of think about a thought becomes even more polluted with more thoughts...
all I can say is that the harder part of thinking about something is holding your own thought.

2004-12-05 11:11:16 ET

:) I like the poem. It's very meaningful.

2004-12-05 12:44:55 ET

thankx meg
some how i actually understood that malkavian, and that is a very good way of describing it, and i like the way you personalized the meaning too.

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