2004-12-05 14:36:21 ET

Fear is strong and i am weak.
what to do when it comes forth?
it consumes and leaves no room for anything else.
What to do when strength dies?
I fall to pieces as panic strikes.
panic strikes me in my core, in my brain and in my soul.
cant even move, frozen with fear...

2004-12-05 15:25:51 ET

ooo...i'm gonna have to check out ur page more often, i love poetry...

2004-12-05 16:23:58 ET

I love poetry too.

2004-12-06 11:10:00 ET

lol well then i guess ill keep posting my old poems and ill have to start writing again. anything to please the people.

2004-12-06 14:20:47 ET

yes please plz the sheep.

2004-12-06 14:23:58 ET

no not the sheep, just sk people

2004-12-06 14:25:10 ET

my people, my friends i dont like sheep...they wear abrocrombie... and i dont care if i mispelled it it deserves to be misspelled, as a matter of fact so does shep

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