fiction press
2004-12-06 14:04:19 ET, im assuming that its a great place for me to post my poems, just assuming it right now bc i cant do anything on it for 2 more days. ::sigh:: now what am i supposed to do? redo my page here or something? ::sigh::
klemmy has an account there and now i do too, direct link to my page there(although i have nothing posted yet because there is a 3day waiting period, bummer, im counting the days til thursday... 1) crystaltearsbycrystalfears i cant wait to get something up there. i think ill go all out and put all of my "black book poems" up there. ive got a little over 100 in this little black book. and they are all of the depressed little me i used to be.
klemmys link is on his page and now its on mine too... see> Will Klemm
hes a good poet yall should check him out.
and then yall should try and tune into his radio show on sunday nights. its hilarious. check his page for the info and addresses and shit like that cause im not sure klemmy's page of info and stuff lol thats funny too.
have fun yall. much love.

2004-12-06 14:36:08 ET

::tears up:: so much promoting of the Klemmy. it's a lil more complicated to post stuff on there than here, but it's a good site if u really put energy into it. If u're looking into making money off poems, i'd recommend (i think that's the name...or is it fictionpress wont get u a publisher, that's something i had to do on my own with info Richard Dean (he's a great no name horror author). ...u checked out my show? i'm suprised.

2004-12-06 14:47:24 ET

no... i didnt get a chance... but i know it was hilarious.. ::shakes head in shame:: sorry. ill catch it next week. i promise... im in georgia what time?

2004-12-06 14:47:53 ET

that's eastern right? 8PM eastern.

2004-12-06 14:48:04 ET

<tries to draw attantion away from failure> do you like my new bg?

2004-12-06 14:48:22 ET

its so purdy

2004-12-06 14:49:02 ET

8... hhmmm i cant catch that on weekdays, my aunt bitches at me if i stay on the comp past 8 on school nights.... gggrrr..

2004-12-06 14:49:12 ET


2004-12-06 14:49:20 ET

on sundays.....

2004-12-06 14:50:31 ET

yeah i go to school on monday and that makes sunday a school night

2004-12-06 14:50:54 ET

i know its on sunday look i even put that up there in the post

2004-12-06 14:51:44 ET

then again, i normally go it would prolly interfer....

2004-12-06 14:53:20 ET

go over? as in longer than your supposed to or do you go on other days too? ::little confused bc im thinking too much::

2004-12-06 14:54:58 ET

supposed to end at 10, but i go over mainly cuz there are no other DJs and y not. There's supposed to be continous mp3s being played on the station, but i think bring out some stuff is good.

2004-12-07 15:01:41 ET

hey hey klemm klemm, that fanfic stuff is supposed to help me to make money right? how? please explain as best as you can because im registering there but the rules and regulations are the same as on ficpress. how are they diff?

2004-12-07 15:11:18 ET

have no clue. never used fanfic on the basis that i rather my work say together rather than be split up. My friend The FENIX off fictionpress told me about fanfic. They limit u on how many times u can post work a day and other little nusiancees ...

2004-12-08 11:49:02 ET


2004-12-08 14:50:24 ET

i guess if someone takes an interest in ur poems they send u an email or something.

2004-12-09 11:33:50 ET

god this hurts my ear... aaaahhh.... never talk to me on the phone ppl this ear hurts like hell.

2004-12-09 12:53:02 ET

that reminds me...i need to call Gabe and have nasty phone sex with him lol....

2004-12-09 13:59:11 ET

thats funny gimmy his number and i might too

2004-12-09 14:01:06 ET

it's posted in his journal somewheres....i'll look through my PMs....

2004-12-09 14:25:53 ET


2004-12-09 14:35:08 ET

couldnt find it...its on Evil Puter...but he might have changed it since cuz that was his cell when he lived in Indy, he might have his mom's number now....

2004-12-09 14:56:33 ET


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