2004-12-10 15:01:21 ET

June 15th-the poem
The world's swirling
its so confusing
emotions twirling
thoughts fusing
its so confusing
impossible to hear
the different thoughts
hard to understand
what means what
who thinks what
who feels what
i cant understand
all this insanity
and theres nothing i can do
[picture to go along]

then the lame ass song that was formed from this poem
Still 15-the song
the worlds swirlin - its so confusin
emotions twirlin and thoughts are fusin

[swirlin - confusin - twirlin and fusin]

this world contains all the worst pains
noone can ignore it all - if they try the will fall
and those that tried have always died

cause ::reentry instrumentals:: the worlds swirlin its so confusin
emotions twirlin and thoughts are fusin

swirlin - confusin - twirlin and fusin

its all so confusin and confusions so consuming
evil thoughts are blooming consuming all confusion
no, it's an illusion

but this i cannot teach
for comprehensions out of reach
the worlds swirlin its so confusin
emotions twirlin and thoughts are fusin

swirlin - confusin - twirlin and fusin

<whisper> Im all confused <whisper>
and its impossible to hear - the different thoughts
hard to understan what means what
who thinks what and what means what
::Pause music::
cause ::reentry:: the world twirlin - its still confusin
my head is swirlin with thoughts im fusin
and it aint amusin anymore
im just cold and confused
cause i dont understnad this insanity
::music stops::
<whisper> and theres nothing i can do <whisper>

2004-12-10 15:02:28 ET


2004-12-10 15:14:46 ET

yeah thats a self portrait from one of the times when i was high and i was looking at myself from the ceiling. i was pritty fucked up when i wrote the poem. and thats what i looked and felt like. its like i have nothing to cover me or my feelings. i guess you could say everythings out there. lol

2004-12-10 15:21:35 ET

oh i've been there. it's called Everything that's in the book (and some of what's not). i think i could make another two books just with what i DIDNT publish.

2004-12-10 15:23:14 ET

i can make about 5 books with half of my poems
maybe 3 with the good ones

2004-12-10 15:23:49 ET

yeah.. i sent the unpublished poems to ppll....they arel on my yahoo account...

2004-12-10 15:23:55 ET

im actually in "the best poems and poets of 2002"
"thank you" and i think "bottled up"

2004-12-10 15:24:58 ET

off poetry.com? those guys are such crap. i sent them a poem in 2002 and they want it to be in the best poets of 04

2004-12-10 15:26:15 ET

lol i was pritty pisse when they said i would have to pay for the book ... i was like fuck that, either i get it for free or someone else buys it for me, cause im not paying for my own poem

2004-12-10 15:27:32 ET

i think i was in The Silence Within. I was going to have the poem from there in this book but i thought i might get in trouble...so i re-released the poem on here instead (in original format, cuz they make u format it to fit their size guidelines)...gabe wrote a follow up to it that was gravy.

2004-12-10 15:29:58 ET

i need a publisher. or something like that. i need to make some money off my poems, see how many people like me

2004-12-10 15:40:52 ET

damn i must retreat to some other part of the house. ma's orders

2004-12-10 15:40:56 ET


they take FOREVER though. From when you get signed to the book comes out at most is one yr. My mentor in publishing, Richard Dean, it took 9 months. i'm still waiting in a sense.

if you dont mind paying, i hear these guys are good http://www.xlibris.com

2004-12-10 15:46:13 ET

that's pretty cool

2004-12-11 14:57:49 ET

{url=http://www.publishamerica.com/facts/index.htm]no wondre your still waiting for your book[/url] i mean i dont want them to correct my work.. i correct my own fucking work. i mean its poetry. what if they change the wording or change the spelling of a word i make up and make it fit a word that has some meaning that i didnt want. i dont like it when editors edit my shit.. they better just point it out to me or say you might want to fix this.. dont you dare change my writtings.

2004-12-11 15:05:51 ET

aaww poor faithy's sick.. i just called her i was ganna ask her how much her dad would charge me for him to publish my poetry but then she sounded like i woke her up so i asked and she said yes and then she said she was sick and i said aaawww, and that she felt like she was ganna "vomit" and i said "aaaww. go to the bathroom sit on the floor, no lay on the floor,"
then she said "yeah i think im ganna do that"
"and bring a pillow, no wait dont cause you might throw up on it"
so she said "yeah i know. im ganna go now"
so i said "ok by."
somewhere in there i asked her "so your not ganna be on the computer" and she said "no i dont think so, ill see you on monday"
aaawww... i hope she feels better soon.

2004-12-11 17:40:40 ET

i see :::nods::: that's not cool... hope she feels better soon...

2004-12-11 20:37:04 ET

self publishers dont usually edit it. so Xlibris, 1stbooks (though i cant recommend 1st books) and the like just want their moneies.

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