am i a punk?
2004-12-22 16:07:01 ET

26) Have you held a job for less than a day?
no-but ive held a school for less than a day.
i went to an alternative school, and got kicked out on the first day... fun times fun times.

2004-12-22 18:13:30 ET

why were you?
what did you do for being kicked out?

2004-12-23 03:33:20 ET

i have a friend that got in trouble on the very last day of school his junior year. the teachers were always looking for a reason to beat his ass... so they suspended him from his first day of his senior year.

2004-12-23 06:40:57 ET

aisling-lol thats great, is yer name really "ass"ling? or is there another meaning that i have not found?

Malkavian- to get kicked out of school in the first place i did drugs and got turned in. i would have never gotten caught, i was too good to get caught. i got kicked out of the alternative school for scratching the hell out of someone and making him bleed. i couldnt hit him cause he was across the table, but i wanted to soooo bad. he was so annoying and he just kept buggin me. he wanted to see if he could get me in trouble and what i would do if he didnt leave me alone. he found out alright. and then he turned me in

2004-12-23 06:48:59 ET

aisling is irish gaelic for "dream"

2004-12-23 06:53:24 ET

hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm.......ooooooOOOOOOO... thats cute

2004-12-23 06:53:40 ET

did you draw that avatar?

2004-12-23 06:54:17 ET

anfd what about that picture with the eyes? thats really cool...i was taken hostage by that picture

2004-12-23 06:58:49 ET

i drew the avatar.. and the picture with the eyes is the headshot one i photoshopped i'm assuming.

2004-12-23 07:02:00 ET

woooOOOOooooowwwww, i like it

2004-12-23 07:23:51 ET

I have had a few.

Once in an interview after I found out how the company did business (just at the moment that they guy was telling me that I was hired) I stood up looked at my resume/CV on his desk asked him if he had any other copies, he said no. I then picked up my resume from his desk said that I am not interested in the job and left. Why waste a good resume on a silly firm.

2004-12-23 07:37:34 ET

James? you confuse me.... see ::confused:: ::scratching head:: ::andything else that corresponds with being confused::

2004-12-23 07:43:52 ET


The firm was an insurance company and the expected me to sell all my friends and family first then do the cold calling. This means that they expect most people to drop out after they sell their family as they will not be able to make a go of it. And because the people (relatives) would not want to go through the hassle of changing insurance they would stay with the insurance firm.

Basically I wanted to make sure that there was no way that they could contact me so that is why I did hat I did. Apparently most people that I tell that story to think that it is kind of weird but it sure made sense to me at the time.

Act as if right?

I also quit a job after 3 hours. I just said that I do not want to work for them as I had my jacket on to leave and asked to be paid in cash. That was when I was a kid, the firm was golden griddle (pancake place in Canada).

2004-12-23 07:53:57 ET

OH K now i see a connection, lol. i couldnt figure out where yer comment came in to play but now i see. ::Much laughter::

2004-12-23 12:18:15 ET

oh yeah, I'm all about shits and giggles

2004-12-23 14:22:04 ET

look... new avatar...:)

2004-12-23 17:48:00 ET

yeah, looks good.

2004-12-24 07:33:59 ET

thanks fer complimenting my gothic persona... this is crystal....
:) shes 1 of 4

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