I Looked Into Her
2005-01-04 11:33:12 ET

She sat, arms crossed
looking into space.
Disturbed by something,
for me, unnamed.
Deeply disturbed,
looking deep into space
cautching my interest
to look in her face.
Looking for her mind
takes a minute now.
shes hiding from me
cause she knows.
When her mind is found
and chains unbound.
BOOM! They spray out.
they fly, they fall.
they're bottled up tight
and i can feel it all mixed up.
her feelings are my own
from a long time ago.
the hate and anger towards thyself
the confusion and disbelief.
i know the cloud of feelings that she has built.
i know that cloud oh too well.
i remember the feeling of which they held
and when i looked into her...
my breath was lost
and my heart sped a beat.
and it makes me see the diference
from who i was
and who i am.

2005-01-04 12:37:43 ET

that's very pretty

2005-01-04 17:11:11 ET

*hugs* I like it.

2005-01-05 14:19:04 ET

*hugs* to megs
and thankyou both. you are very kind but i dont like this poem because it was true and it was like swimming through hell or something. when i look back on all i can do is flinch and shudder. ::shudders::

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