my new kitty came... see
2005-01-06 14:57:15 ET

2005-01-06 19:17:52 ET

Cute, I played with it! :)

2005-01-06 20:28:40 ET

haha too much... it took me awhile to realize what it was doin'... although there's other pussy related stuff i'd prefer to play with... but i guess that'll have to do... :::sighs:::

i think i just made myself a new years resolution :-D \m/

2005-01-07 04:19:07 ET

nice puddy tat!

2005-01-07 11:44:21 ET

Athyra:thank you. Krystal is very happy now.

Gabe: ::automatically on the floor in laughter:: your hilarious... espescially the resolution thing ... thats great i hope you make it come true too.

James: thank you. i love my Krystal kitty. shes so purty

2005-01-07 13:28:39 ET

:::bows::: i hope it comes to pass 2 :'(

2005-01-20 15:15:28 ET

:) I played with it.

2005-01-21 11:56:50 ET

thanks megs. krystal loves to be played with

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