i could have sworn i posted this already
2005-04-06 11:35:49 ET

ok so on the 30th of march i went in and filled out and application to this car wash place.
the next day i went in because the girl kimberly told me to look for gregg, the owner, on a rainy day and it rained so i went, but he left about 5 minutes before i could get there, so i met Lucky, nice guy, kinda reminded me of my love, Redz, all rugged and still had a sweetness, anyway, he told me to try the next day, so i did and i met Gregg, nice guy
we made an appointment type deal to meet on monday(the 4th) at 3, i filled out another thing and kimberly started training me, i worked from 3 til 6. im a cashier now. woohoo i have a job.
now i have to rememberixe this cute little blue pamphlet that i will be posting next :) hehehe

2005-04-06 11:46:10 ET

you live! yay!

mmmm job.

2005-04-06 14:40:14 ET


2005-04-12 10:47:27 ET

sub- i live?... why yes. yes i do. thanks for noticing :)

klemmy- i hope so

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