when nick left
2005-10-16 12:15:09 ET

nick left me venessa and jordan to go hang out with dave little did he know he was missing the best time ever. we went to the mall cuz i needed to get some panies and bras so we shopped around for a wile and decided we were going to go see a movie but when we were on the bus i decided i wanted to ware a lepord print bra so i chnaged it on the bus and people were giving me dirty looks but as usual i didnt give two shits. we watched the movie then went back to jordans ware we drank played with his cute kittys and both him and venessa told me how to use a tampon thats right a tampon i never had used one before in all the years my puss has bleed i never could do it but this time i did and then went to the goth bar but on the way i decided i would piss on the chirches lawn as usual but this time people walked by and made the experence less pleasent so at the bar we met some of jordans friends all i can say is god one was a prick i told him i was a lezbean so he would leave me alone and all it did was make it worse it got to the point that i had to tell him to shut up or i was gunna boot him in the nuts so he quickly smartened up well at least for a little wile if he calls me a carpet muncher again im going to kill the little bitch but ya i have the greatest friends ever and really dont do anything exciting so that s all i have to say

2005-10-16 14:26:49 ET

Welcome to SK.

Get in the van. >:O

2005-10-17 20:08:32 ET

haha.. oh girl.. for someone with perfect grade you could put a few peroids in your giant sentence!.. muah love yeah bitch

2005-10-17 20:09:28 ET

p/s its spelled Vanessa
you think you would get it .. you have known me for years

2005-10-18 10:44:20 ET

You guys are all having fun without me, you bastards

2005-10-18 11:50:26 ET

your still in our thoughts darling

2005-10-18 17:25:15 ET

Hell of a way to hit the ground running. Welcome to the family.

*Roars up in a black and red "A-Team" van while blaring "Master of Puppets"*

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