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well what can i say i havent really lived yet im not that old and theres plenty more out rageous things to come. Im a misserable loud mouthed broad and its the way it is. I dont like many people i have a select group of friends and its next to impossible to get into the group were just tooo weird for other people. Im extreemly pickie with music i listen to industreal, ebm, synthpop, and electroclash and in my opinion other music blows. i have a verry uuummmm unique style i dress in black but i do it classy with some colours and loads of lepord print. i have one lepord print tatto and hopefully more to come. i have no faith in men and would be a lezbean if they didnt scare me to death..... thats all i can think of for now mabe ill write more another day.

 well i for got about this site    2006-02-07 11:01:56 ET
i for got to do a journal entry for a long time
has anyone ever noticed that when you say something to one of your friends that is about another friend it always gets back to them even if what you said wasnt even mean or untrue..... anyone who says they dont talk about there friends is full of shit, its called a conversation it happens and your not always saying something bad.... but there is always someone who spills the beans and most of the time they dont even spill the right beans, they change what you said so it sounds ass holeish and then the person yells at you for it when really they shouldnt because they say stuff about you to other people all the time its a fact of life and people really need to get over it. a situation like that happend to me the other day and it was just retarded and it made me relize you cant say anything to any one cuz they all have a big mouth and people say i have a big mouth but i can keep something said to me to myself..... unless its something really important like some one did somethig really horrible to one of my friends then your supose to tell them right away. another thing it when your group of friends looses one of them why is it that they get all bitchie when you hang out with the person there not talking too. i think everyone has taken there turn being the person on the outside and i really dont liek it when people dont talk to me because someone else is mad at me no one would like that sooo people need to learn that what i do who i talk to or hang out with is none of there busness adn im going to talk to who ever i want and perhaps i have my own reasons too.
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 friday the 13    2006-01-15 10:55:58 ET
so ya friday the 13 was my new boy toys show at call teh office i was gettting really drunk having a good time and i was in teh second row for his set well for at least half of it..... then out of no ware my creepy ex shows up right be hind me so thanks to vanessa i excaped his evil clutches.......incase i havent menchined this but he is crazy adn in love with me and cant seem to let me go its kinda scarry im concidering getting a restraining order...... but any way i hope i stay with this new one for a wile i really like him and he is the kind of person to keep me out of trubble.

 boys and x mas    2005-12-27 17:38:17 ET
well i liek my new boy hese real cute and really really nice now i think its time to get rid of my ass hole boyfriend thats goign to be a pain in my ass that crazy mother fucker all well it has to be done congrads to vanessa for dropping her winie ass bitch boyfriend its about time.
Any way x mas was crap i got real drunk on christmas eve and was all hung over on x mas day surprise surprise and i got lots of cool stuff but i had to babysit my older brother who was high and drunk as all hell falling all over the place being an ass but thats the price you have to pay to shut your mother up on family occashins i guess
well thats all im out

 vanessas b day and my new boy    2005-12-20 11:28:07 ET
well it all started when jeff added me to my space then we started chatting and stuff and added to msn then he asked me on a coffee date. it was my first date ever i usualy fuck around with dead beats so i was soooooo excited then he was such a nice boy he opened the door for me and everything. then it was vanessas birthday we went out for all you can eat with her parents and got stuffed then started drinking when we got back but of course jordan was being crankie even on her b day which was sooo mean. then we went to the bar and got real drunk and danced like retards and i pissed off one of the band members cuz of screaming match with one of jordans friends i was being friendlybut all well. then on suday we had the cake and went to corys and had a blast and then my new boy asked me on another date im real excited. and i think thats it... o wate i wen tot my first photo booth with vanessa and had soem real sweet pics well they were all sweet

 ooo god    2005-12-07 17:34:00 ET
why do people ask me for relashinship advise... i am not a good person to ask cuz my answer isnt going to be good. im bitter and i dont really care so my advise is going to suck. plus i dont do the usual relashinship thing mine are always fucked up so there fore my advice will be fucked up. like for fuck sakes people talk to some one who is a little more how do i put it nicer. for example this girl was liek my boyfriend cheated on me wa wa wa my advice fuck some one better than rub his face in it get my point not good advice

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