boys and x mas
2005-12-27 17:38:17 ET

well i liek my new boy hese real cute and really really nice now i think its time to get rid of my ass hole boyfriend thats goign to be a pain in my ass that crazy mother fucker all well it has to be done congrads to vanessa for dropping her winie ass bitch boyfriend its about time.
Any way x mas was crap i got real drunk on christmas eve and was all hung over on x mas day surprise surprise and i got lots of cool stuff but i had to babysit my older brother who was high and drunk as all hell falling all over the place being an ass but thats the price you have to pay to shut your mother up on family occashins i guess
well thats all im out

2005-12-28 17:14:50 ET

yay to getting rid of Dustin!.. of darling you must, the new one sounds just amazing.. you will have to invite him over for tea one day when me and Nick are settled in.
haha its so true.. you just hated my ex didnt you..
Dylan was high on x-mas you must be kidding me!.. that is awful.

2005-12-31 09:42:59 ET

im sooo excited about new years man trish is smack talking again now she is saying jeff is 35 the age changes every day with that bitch there all like o its not gunna last long bla bla bla there sooo fll of shit i can have what i want who i want warever i want them there just mad that trish didnt score him

2005-12-31 21:44:32 ET

happy new yuear

2006-01-02 09:55:28 ET

you rbrothers a bitch ahahaha he practically licked my feet for drugs
speakin of which, someone (matt or you i was confused) owes me ten bucks..
jeff is waaay hotter then dustin, fuck trish shes just jealous

2006-01-03 06:37:50 ET

i dont owe you any money matt must
the one time you spotted me pcp i owed you 10 bucks and gave it to matt to give to you when he went to see you that one time ooo ya jeff is smokin hot adn trish is totaly jelous

2006-01-03 11:46:53 ET

I have no recollection of what you're talkin about *smacks u upside the head*
However the money situation is straightened out

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