well    2005-12-06 18:09:42 ET
has any one ever noticed that when some people get in a bad mood they take it out on the person who least deserves it.... well for soem reason it happens to me. is it cuz im such a bull headed bitchie girl that they think im the one who can handle it... well i can but it gets old after a wile one of these days im gunna freak on some one for being a dick to me when i dont even deserve it its bull shit another thing i cant stand is when ppl do what i just did write things complaing about what some one d and not saying it to them but posting it on the internet so everyone else can see it before they do its bul shit and a bitches way out. get some balls and say it to there face. i garentee i will but they wont. like as if you dont know it when ppl are writing shit about you its there sissy way of saying it to you with out saying it to your face.

 work is basterds    2005-11-29 17:40:14 ET
the heat at work is all fucked up so its hotter than hell in there im sweating in a t shirt isnt that shit illigal or something. plus i get in trubble all the time for the shit i ware wich isnt even half as bad as what i ware outside of work and then some supervisor was waring a shirt ware you can see her shoulder and when i wore one i got yelled at so when she does it its ok how the hell is that proper. so i guess the rules dont apply to supervisors just us diling low lifes. bull shit i say bull shit so wjen i comlained about it they said "well sometimes stuff like that happens life isnt always fair right" i was like WHAT and made a fuss then went home early.

 im tuf    2005-11-23 19:12:55 ET
so ya i got my septem peirced i took it like like a tuf broad my eyes watered only slightly i DID NOT CRY it sooo didnt hurt the only thing that kinda hurt was the hot guy that did it jessie adjusting the jewlery like 1000 times cuz the ring is too small so he kept dickin with it i personaly think its cuz i spelt his name wrong ont eh sheet ahahahah probly not tho hese sooo hot id tap that lol but ya he did it absolutly perfect he even commented on what a good job he did im going to get the jewlery changed on friday to a 16 instead of a 14. ya so ahahhaa im not a sissy how do you like them apples

 stupid hair    2005-11-21 18:20:08 ET
so ya i got my hair did the other day im real pissed about it i wanted white and red but apparently if i bleached it any more i would get a chemical cut so the hair dresser dyed it a blush pink and burgandy it looks horrible not to menchen she put it on a side part i hate side parts they make me look like an ass but all my frieds like it so it must not be as bad as i think. but ya im real excited im gettting my ceptom pearced on wednesday with my uber kool buddy jordan. i hope the hot guy jessie does it mmmmmmmm hese hot. but yes i have nothing mutch to say i suck at this journal crap

 wow im stupid    2005-11-10 18:23:57 ET
well i went out for chinese with v card and her parents and got fortune cookies i was reading nicks and there was this word spelled abundace and for some reason i keept saying abudance isnt a word but it is but it has a n in it im just retareded and aparently i cant read

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