im tuf
2005-11-23 19:12:55 ET

so ya i got my septem peirced i took it like like a tuf broad my eyes watered only slightly i DID NOT CRY it sooo didnt hurt the only thing that kinda hurt was the hot guy that did it jessie adjusting the jewlery like 1000 times cuz the ring is too small so he kept dickin with it i personaly think its cuz i spelt his name wrong ont eh sheet ahahahah probly not tho hese sooo hot id tap that lol but ya he did it absolutly perfect he even commented on what a good job he did im going to get the jewlery changed on friday to a 16 instead of a 14. ya so ahahhaa im not a sissy how do you like them apples

2005-11-23 21:19:01 ET


you hair doesnt look any different

2005-11-26 13:55:12 ET

Could use some punctuation, expansion of abbreviations, and an increase in legibility, but otherwise, them apples are just fine I suppose.

2005-11-26 21:43:06 ET

Oh, she knows, how many times we correct you on spelling and sentence structure...oh god iam drunk

2005-11-28 10:29:54 ET

if you want to bitch about spelling and shit bitch some ware else i dont give two shits about that crap i do fine with out it

2005-11-28 12:43:51 ET

Because I was just oh-so-unfriendly, after all.

2005-11-28 16:29:00 ET

awe muffin

2005-11-29 17:35:08 ET

un friendly isnt the word for it im verry aware that i suck at spelling grammar and crap i dont need comments reminding me i suck

2005-11-29 18:23:01 ET

It was just my retort to you asking the unspecific reader what he or she thought about some apples or something. I was just doing my civic duty, answering the open questions. That said, half of everything I say is facetious, anyway, so there's no need to take offense.

2005-11-30 07:55:37 ET

blah blah blah
hi brit

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