stupid hair
2005-11-21 18:20:08 ET

so ya i got my hair did the other day im real pissed about it i wanted white and red but apparently if i bleached it any more i would get a chemical cut so the hair dresser dyed it a blush pink and burgandy it looks horrible not to menchen she put it on a side part i hate side parts they make me look like an ass but all my frieds like it so it must not be as bad as i think. but ya im real excited im gettting my ceptom pearced on wednesday with my uber kool buddy jordan. i hope the hot guy jessie does it mmmmmmmm hese hot. but yes i have nothing mutch to say i suck at this journal crap

2005-11-21 18:22:11 ET

seems like the septum piercing has become popular these days. I got my septum pierced a few months after I came back from Iraq and I love it. I know a lot of SK peeps have their's pierced as well. If you are looking for cool jewely check out user Maelstrom's page for links to her jewelry store. She has got a rocking selection of tusks and spikes if you like that type of nose jewelry.

You should post some photos of your new hair style.

2005-11-22 13:12:56 ET

Septum hurts!!'re gonna cry!!
DOn't get it done by jesse, he fuckin sucks, he s\fucked up my bridge piercing...he used tattoo ink to mark it and it got tattooed into my piercing and i had this black mark and HE SUCKS IT DONT MATTER IF HES HOT
In fact Hardcore sucks. They are the worst peircing shop in town...expecially a septujm piercing, that is easy to fuck up...go somewhere goood and pay the extra 20 bucks, dont cheap out, thats like buying clothes from Zellers...

And yes, i want photos of your hair

2005-11-22 13:31:15 ET

My septum piercing did not hurt at all. I didn't cry at all actually. It bled alot and was sore for a few days but other than that it was fine.

2005-11-22 18:10:55 ET

man i have to get someone to sign for my ass if i go to some place other than dirty hard core and i want the hot guy to stand between my legs ahahahahahahaha

it wont hurt that much if i can handle a tatoo i can handle that shit

i dont like my hair it blows but i may put up pics

2005-11-23 08:06:46 ET

tattoos dont hurt as much as piercings
vanessa says your hair looks awsome, and no offence but i trust her taste more then least as far as hair is concerned...i will judge for myself when you gimmie a pic dammit!

2005-11-24 08:51:29 ET

Its true tattoos don't hurt as much as piercings.. I don't understand that.. But shut the fuck up your hair looks awsome. This is by far the best hair do you have had. So get over yourself!.. You are sooo out voted for the hair.. Me, Jordan, and Nick think it is 100x better than your last hair do so there!. Hardcore does suck.. Its all about addictive..

2005-11-24 15:57:19 ET

addictive is good, pricey, but good

2005-11-27 21:50:15 ET

their not pricey... i went to lucky devil before.. and god they suck there..

2005-11-28 10:31:18 ET

man fo to blue dragon and get anthony to do it he is amazing altho they did do a good job on your slug at addictive

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