2005-12-06 18:09:42 ET

has any one ever noticed that when some people get in a bad mood they take it out on the person who least deserves it.... well for soem reason it happens to me. is it cuz im such a bull headed bitchie girl that they think im the one who can handle it... well i can but it gets old after a wile one of these days im gunna freak on some one for being a dick to me when i dont even deserve it its bull shit another thing i cant stand is when ppl do what i just did write things complaing about what some one d and not saying it to them but posting it on the internet so everyone else can see it before they do its bul shit and a bitches way out. get some balls and say it to there face. i garentee i will but they wont. like as if you dont know it when ppl are writing shit about you its there sissy way of saying it to you with out saying it to your face.

2005-12-06 18:14:01 ET

It's easier for some people to hide behind a screen. Kind of like making prank calls before caller id existed.

2005-12-06 18:16:12 ET

hmmm I wonder who your talking about.. He always talks about me in his jornal without saying my name.. I love it!.. Yeah next time he takes his bad mood out on you.. Just say something about you know what.. hehehee ooo were evil..

2005-12-06 18:18:36 ET

this is for saftey phill hadeing is a just a nice way of saying there a sissy.

this one is for enslaved ooo we all kn ow who im talking about its just liek what he posts in his journal about us how does he liek these apples sour i hope next time he gets in a snit and starts on me im gunna lay right into that kid

2005-12-06 18:21:43 ET

hahaha sour apples is right.. damn girl... I mean who the fuck cares enough to argue about people at you know where.. thats what the arguement is always about anyways.. its like he likes thoes people more than us.. god..

well you have to defend yourself.. its not fair to you. its not like we see you every fucking day...

and well me and you are allowed to argue.. and well a certain gay boy aswell... but thats only cuz we have known eachother for so long and since we have have blue eyes and blond hair

2005-12-06 21:09:02 ET

it's impulsive behaviour really. the immediacy of people has everything to do with it in my oppinion.

2005-12-07 10:57:13 ET

what the hell does immediancy mean

2005-12-10 11:51:31 ET

immediacy in the sense of those who are right there.

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