work is basterds
2005-11-29 17:40:14 ET

the heat at work is all fucked up so its hotter than hell in there im sweating in a t shirt isnt that shit illigal or something. plus i get in trubble all the time for the shit i ware wich isnt even half as bad as what i ware outside of work and then some supervisor was waring a shirt ware you can see her shoulder and when i wore one i got yelled at so when she does it its ok how the hell is that proper. so i guess the rules dont apply to supervisors just us diling low lifes. bull shit i say bull shit so wjen i comlained about it they said "well sometimes stuff like that happens life isnt always fair right" i was like WHAT and made a fuss then went home early.

2005-11-30 08:06:56 ET

Life IS like that, welcome to the working world. Why do you think I'm a bum??? Workers have npo rights unless your getting raped or beat up, thats just the way it is, thats why they call it work.

2005-12-01 16:00:34 ET

i dont wana work it sucks balls

2005-12-01 17:44:06 ET

welcome to my world!

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