well i for got about this site
2006-02-07 11:01:56 ET

i for got to do a journal entry for a long time
has anyone ever noticed that when you say something to one of your friends that is about another friend it always gets back to them even if what you said wasnt even mean or untrue..... anyone who says they dont talk about there friends is full of shit, its called a conversation it happens and your not always saying something bad.... but there is always someone who spills the beans and most of the time they dont even spill the right beans, they change what you said so it sounds ass holeish and then the person yells at you for it when really they shouldnt because they say stuff about you to other people all the time its a fact of life and people really need to get over it. a situation like that happend to me the other day and it was just retarded and it made me relize you cant say anything to any one cuz they all have a big mouth and people say i have a big mouth but i can keep something said to me to myself..... unless its something really important like some one did somethig really horrible to one of my friends then your supose to tell them right away. another thing it when your group of friends looses one of them why is it that they get all bitchie when you hang out with the person there not talking too. i think everyone has taken there turn being the person on the outside and i really dont liek it when people dont talk to me because someone else is mad at me no one would like that sooo people need to learn that what i do who i talk to or hang out with is none of there busness adn im going to talk to who ever i want and perhaps i have my own reasons too.

2006-02-17 08:36:01 ET

Why who did what this time? LOL
I just don't really get involved. I know whats happening half the time, I just dont care. Like Matt and Vanessa arnt getting along, doesnt mean I don't talk to vanessa and shit. Mostly, expecially in our group of friends, I try to keep the conversation on things other then our friends heh.

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