vanessas b day and my new boy
2005-12-20 11:28:07 ET

well it all started when jeff added me to my space then we started chatting and stuff and added to msn then he asked me on a coffee date. it was my first date ever i usualy fuck around with dead beats so i was soooooo excited then he was such a nice boy he opened the door for me and everything. then it was vanessas birthday we went out for all you can eat with her parents and got stuffed then started drinking when we got back but of course jordan was being crankie even on her b day which was sooo mean. then we went to the bar and got real drunk and danced like retards and i pissed off one of the band members cuz of screaming match with one of jordans friends i was being friendlybut all well. then on suday we had the cake and went to corys and had a blast and then my new boy asked me on another date im real excited. and i think thats it... o wate i wen tot my first photo booth with vanessa and had soem real sweet pics well they were all sweet

2005-12-20 18:36:33 ET

Arnt you a social butterfly heh

2005-12-21 07:20:54 ET

lmao social butterfly, why yes we are!

2005-12-23 17:57:31 ET

i am and im getting to fuck a hot bitch because i was social now watch me get a social desease ahahahahahhah

2005-12-27 08:55:38 ET

LMAO! use a condom dipshit...dipshit in the nice way...just use a condom..

2005-12-27 10:01:00 ET

hahaha its true..

2005-12-27 17:34:26 ET

im not stupid i was joking i know enuf to do that

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