welll shit
2005-10-18 16:23:18 ET

i had a weird day today i woke up late then went to school and watched slides on body mod. in my fashin class it ruled then i felt miserable so i bought a new shirt and bag to lift my spirits a bit. the bag had the greast thing ever written on it "sworn to fun loyal to none" i thought it was awsome so i got it and the shirt ha bats on it sooo why wouldnt i want that plus it was an extra small just my size. then at work i puked and got to leave wich was good for leaving but not fun puking. well ive decided i want this hot guy at my work but im gunna try this hard to get busness like my friends have suggested but if it dosnt work im gunna flip my lid. im too bitchy to write more

2005-10-18 16:40:09 ET

I'm a little late, but welcom to SK!
I almost puked at work the other day as well... (as a result of lack of sleep and lots of coffee) Now I'm a bit sorry I didn't, I could use a day off...

2005-10-20 13:08:31 ET

sworn to fun loyal to none..thats the pirate shirt at frilly lizard, did you buy my pirate shirt? im geting that tattooed on me

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