halloween week end
2005-11-01 17:53:29 ET

so ya on friday night i want drinking with my favorite people nick v-rex and jordan then i went to my ex boyfriends house got bunk acid i woke up on saterday sick as hell from teh bunk acid so i was real pissed then i went to the matadors feelong like shit had a crappy time and on halloween i went trick or treating with v-rex and got mad candy i was a prostitute and she was a n urse it kicked it ya im no good with this journal crap sooo im out

2005-11-01 18:13:23 ET

any carmel popcorn balls?

2005-11-02 17:38:57 ET

no i dont know how i would feel about getting popcorn balls

2005-11-02 17:39:53 ET

Our family would pass out pomogranits

2005-11-05 19:08:04 ET

i am r invented punx

2005-11-07 21:51:41 ET

hahah you got bunk acid sucker
i wanan see the matadors last time i went to see them they wre sold out
ya know i remember years ago when only 10 people, 11 including me, used to show up at their shows and i would say 'this band is awsome, they should be famous' matt was there, ask him, now i cant get into their freakin shows, what a piss off!

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