work is stupid
2005-11-06 12:43:39 ET

ok well i work at a call center wich really blows but to make it worse there is this fat ugly super visor that doesnt liek how i dress and complains about htings i ware so i cant ware alot of my stuff to work wich isnt gunna happen long cuz ill get fierd over waring what i wnat if i have to then there is this stupid girl dating this guy named darsie and i was chit chatting with him and his stupid girl friend went to my supervisor and said i was flirting with her boyfriend and not to have my seat near him th ehole idea of it was stupid i wasnt flirting at all this girl is just a crazy bitch.

2005-11-07 08:36:32 ET

you need to relax and get a dictonary, i dunno what your talking about, but it sounds like stupid drama, do what i do=dont care. mwah works great fer me

2005-11-09 06:18:04 ET

hahahaha relax and get a dictonary. Its true you need to not care, you can never excape work drama no matter what you do in life.

2005-11-10 18:22:02 ET

fuck i cant spell whatever at least i got some looks to make up for it

2005-11-11 14:14:38 ET

oh god i'm mean

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