Sunday is my birthday.2006-11-03 05:42:08 ET

Sunday is my birthday. Don’t worry….this isn’t a boring birthday party invitation.

Ordinarily I hide my date of birth, because I don’t celebrate it. Over the years I have done my best to let it slip by unnoticed. But by the messages I am receiving, I see that MySpace has advertised it, even though I thought I had my privacy settings set as such to not reveal it.

Anyhow, if you want to do anything in honor of my birthday do this: Hold someone’s hand this Sunday. For a minute or for an hour….it would make me happy, for I do love having my own hand held. If people held hands more regularly the world would be prettier than it already is.

So, do it or don’t. And if you want to be really cool, and if you’re awake, you can do it at 9:51am. That was the time I was born.


“This world is full of the dead and of the dying. Hold the living warmly, hold them as long as you can."


NaNoWriMo2006-11-01 15:52:31 ET

So NaNoWriMo starts today. (National Novel Writing Month) Anybody else on here doing it this year?

I participated for the last two years, and I completed my 50,000 words both years.

But this year, I also have a deadline for a feature length script I'm writing, and am also writing four short scripts, and a piece of short fiction. But I can't back out of NaNo this year.

This month will be swamped. But I can do it right? I can do anything.

(But probably not clubs.) I haven't been to a club since October 6th. Sucks.

poy-sin2006-10-08 20:51:33 ET

I spent my day writing a scene with two little girls poisoning themselves at a tea party.

Can't wait to shoot this.

Have to love Sundays.

Skinny Legs2006-08-01 06:45:25 ET

For some reason I decided to wear my 14 high boots today--the ones with the straps and buckles. When I was buckling them up, I realized I was using buckle holes that I hadn't used before. My legs have got slimmer or subconsciously I want to shoot up. Yuck. I'm far from being a skeleton, but I don't like it all the same. I know I haven't been eating enough in the past two weeks, and when I do, I'm usually forcing myself. I usually like food, and especially restaurants. But I'm sad sad. Who cares. It'll pass. It always does. And when it does, I'll return to being my old self--fat fat.

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