Dead Girls
2006-07-23 16:11:50 ET

I don't really have anything to say today. I'm having a hard time writing anything of my own. So I've decided to post a Kim Addonizio poem instead. I came across it months ago in Syracuse University's Literary Journal, "Salt Hill". I think it's pretty. It's entitled, "Dead Girls". I hope at least some of you like it as well.

Dead Girls

show up often in the movies, facedown
in the weeds beside the highway.
Kids find them by the river, or in the woods,

under leaves, one pink-nailed hand thrust up.
Detectives stand over them in studio apartments
and lift their photos off pianos

in the houses they almost grew up in.
A dead girl can kick a movie into gear
better than a saloon brawl, better

than a factory explosion, just
by lying there. Anyone can play her,
any child off the street

can be hog-tied and dumped from a van
or strangled blue in a kitchen, a bathroom,
an alley, a school. Thatís the beauty

of a dead girl. Even a plain one
who feels worthless
as a clod of dirt, broken

by the sorrow of gazing all day
at a fashion magazine,
can be made whole, redeemed

by what she finally canít help being,
the center of attention, the special,
desirable, dead, dead girl.

2006-07-23 22:50:07 ET

ooh that's a good one. really dark. i like.

2006-07-24 06:51:35 ET

Thank you for reading it.

2006-07-24 13:02:15 ET

;) dead, dead girl!

2006-07-31 11:07:34 ET

no prob. i like to read anytyhing long as it's not those romance novels with fabio dudes on the cover. i have my limits, too--suprisingly. XD

2006-10-29 16:03:02 ET

I like that one. I've found some good stuff in Salt Hill.

2006-10-30 06:39:30 ET

Wow. You read Salt Hill?

I think you're the first person I've met who wasn't a contributor that actually knows it.

2006-10-30 07:54:22 ET

I found it in a magazine store once. I picked up a copy to see what it was about. It had some good writing.

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