2006-11-27 05:48:44 ET

I bought a new doll this weekend. Actually it is an antique. My best friend found it. Her eyes don't open. We think she's supposed to appear asleep, but she looks dead to us. So beautiful.

2006-11-27 06:35:11 ET

i saw the picture first and i was like why is she taking pictures of dead babies? lol. that was weird.

2006-11-27 06:55:08 ET

Really? That is so cool. I'm glad we're not the only ones who thought she looked dead.

But on another note, I'm a boy....but I have dolls.

2006-11-27 07:17:04 ET

thanks for the netflix, if ur the one who got us setup with them (we're going to watch Roman Holiday tonight)

2006-11-27 07:17:47 ET

2006-11-27 07:41:13 ET

opps sorry! i'm all embarressed now i hadnt looked at your pictures.

2006-11-27 08:34:58 ET

It's okay. I wasn't offended. I was just playing with you.

In truth, sometimes I think my father thinks I'm a girl too.

2006-11-27 08:37:12 ET


2006-11-29 18:55:09 ET

OooOo shes creepy!

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