Pumpkin Poem
2008-11-21 09:42:05 ET

a stutt-tuttering
lit-little pumpkin that
no-nobody remembered to-to
ca-carve this year. It m-might sound sad
that I missed Hallo-Halloween, but now I-I-I
get to-to hang around for-for-for Thanksgiving,
and-and-and since I have have no-no-no eyes carved,
and no-no-no crook-crook-crooked teeth, my-my face
isn稚 all sag-saggy, and my ski-skin isn稚 all so-soggy.
I知 still-still a pump-pumpkin and not com-compost,
so-so-so who-who really gi-gives a shi-shi-shit that
I stutt-tutt-stutter like I-I-I do? I-I-I知 sti-sti-still
or-orange and-and ha-have all-all-all of m-my
g-g-guts and-and all of-of m-my s-s-seeds
sta-stayed out of-of the ov-ven
so-so yay-yay me. Oh-oh no!
Pump-Pumpkin pie.

2008-11-21 09:48:03 ET

^_^ wouldn't you turn into pumpkin pie for thanksgiving?

2008-11-21 09:48:58 ET

Oh NO!!!!!

2008-11-21 09:52:07 ET

Okay, I fixed it.
Thank you.

2008-11-21 11:39:27 ET


2008-11-21 12:11:55 ET

haha very cute!!!

2008-11-22 15:16:36 ET

ha...clever (:

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