2005-12-15 09:21:51 ET

started a livejournal community for chris's friends.

don't know if anyone will take to it or not, but it seemed like a good idea since he had so many diverse groups.. subkultures.net was just one group of people he was engaged with.


I'm partly doing this so that my journal.. my actual journal.. might return to sanity... plus i feel bad about being so morbid when everyone else was so nice...

2005-12-15 09:52:19 ET

Seems like a nice idea. I'll go contribute something.

2005-12-15 20:53:03 ET

I love the idea.

2005-12-19 17:54:57 ET

if only i were on livejournal...

awesome idea, though.

i cant say it enough, even having never met him personally - chris was indeed an awesome guy

2006-05-11 22:16:34 ET

hey, when the fuckin fuck did you fuckin come back, muthafucka?

and I will never forget Chris, even though I never met him in the flesh.

2006-05-12 08:44:17 ET

you were at my house, or at least one house party.. its weird that you didn't!!

i came back post apocolypse. ah, the value of pity.

2006-05-12 09:16:36 ET

:) Pity is ok sometimes.

You know, he really wanted you back here.

Yeah, he didn't make that house party...was he in NJ at the time?

What happened to that stringy fellow? cx:yxZdrjx? :P I really should remember things. Sorry for the rather blundering questions. I think I've seen him on LJ.

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