funny i'm a scorpio out of the bedroom too i guess this seals it
2002-07-28 16:21:45 ET

What's *Your* Sex Sign?

2002-07-28 16:25:12 ET

What's *Your* Sex Sign?

2002-07-28 16:29:32 ET

you know all of these descriptions are very flattering...

2002-07-28 17:24:57 ET

...but r they true???

i got "Aries" also...

2002-07-28 17:25:33 ET

Man, everyone is just takin' this damn test.

I like the cheesy 70's pr0n in the background.

2002-07-28 17:28:32 ET

i took this last week cuz i saw J. Holmes and thought...
"this is a test i can relate too!"

Lay it on me@!

2002-07-28 17:58:13 ET

hehe ...i think they're pretty accurate! ;-P

2002-07-29 17:56:35 ET

i think they are too... umm *scrapes ground with boot*... anyways... its like having a hidden talent... like being able to juggle.. yeah thats it

2002-07-29 18:14:01 ET


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