my life as an 8th street vagabond
2002-07-30 18:22:56 ET

yup, thats right. i may have gotten fired but i landed on my feet and got a new job, but it doesnt start until this monday.

my only concern is: over the following week, what should i do with myself? i'm passing time playing network games as usual... going to a noise show at pyramid, actually two... but more disturbingly, i've been hanging out with the punks outside andromeda (a tattoo shop outside 8th street) 2 of which are going to be my new roommates (yep, thats five people, one house, keepin it real in nyc_) im kind of concerned as to getting on each others nerves etc. but i see the punker boys as interesting house pets.. (no, really). my labret piercing fell out and i was sorry i slacked for 2 days in getting another because this piercer at andromeda named zion put it back in (oh god, it hurt, and it made a big noise when the skin repierced)>. i nearly cried . then i ate icey's on the stairs of the tatto shop... this is the most glorious week ever, i dont feel guilty because i *have* a job, yet i have NOTHING to do.

one of my roommates got all pissed off at the computers here for not working right... and i understand being frustrated etc. but i have a tendency not to freak about the small things... i'm actually kind of scared when people get angry, ive had bad things happen to me in the past and act all skittsy (especially when i hear vacuum cleaners dont ask why) and i hope that its just a mood swing or something... and im not gonna accidentally drink his beer and have my head cut off... because honestly we've only known these kids for 1 week.. which is a recipe for disaster... but ive never understood the mentality it takes to get upset about little things, like people getting your order wrong at mcdonalds, or keeping track of money... like when i'm at a restaurant and i tell them what i want, i dont seeit as an order, i see at as more of a "suggestion"... maybe i'm nonconfrontational to a fault but thats just in my nature.. im not sure what part of it is nature and what part is experience but all i know is i feel sick when i see people get angry... and i'm sick of always being the grown up in the bigger sense... sure its grown up to do things like keep track of money and be organized etc. but its not very grown up to freak out when things dont go exactly as planned and drive like a psychopath (my ex used to do that, so did my dad)

i need to grow some cahones (is that how you spell that?) enough to be able to tell people when theyre being ridiculous....

2002-07-30 18:25:43 ET

um network games..
do you play age of empires?

2002-07-30 18:28:41 ET

Quake 3?

2002-07-30 18:32:52 ET



anyway i sometimes get pissed at my comp but only when its regular occurences ...

2002-07-30 19:19:16 ET

I don't get angry like that either, o well.

2002-07-30 19:20:29 ET

being calm and level-headed is a hallmark of maturity. getting upset about trivial details ain't worth your time. save all your pent up anger for when you need it.
i like to think i'm pretty calm and rational in general, and i would never flip out at a cashier for mucking up an order unless they meant to screw me purposely.
so-- i say, you don't need to be more confrontational in general, just make sure you're confrontational when you need to be! it sounds like you're pretty level-headed and that it's not *you* you should be worried about but the new rooma-mates.
good luck with all that!

2002-07-30 19:33:30 ET

i'm really glad about the have to tell me about it...*ahem* i'm free all week too!!! and i will be going to the noize show at pyramid on thurs. august 1st! :-*
...i am a little concerned that these kids that are going to be your new roomates are going to be more trouble then they're worth...

2002-07-31 00:36:28 ET

Woa... How the fuck are you going to fit 2 more people in your little place? Where will they stay?!

Here is some various concert information.

Sektor 6 Kommunikations & Voidstar Productions
in association with
chashama Experimental Theater @ Times Square
Experimental Mixed-Media Performance Laboratory
Friday, Aug 2nd, 2002 10pm to Daylight (6am)
111 W42nd St., NYC (Btwn 6th Ave. & Broadway)
$5 donation is requested for spectators to help cover artist expenses

(in alphabetical order)
Burun aka Jodi Shapiro (Share)
DJ D/Hell (the Digital DJ sessions)
(performing BABY SONGS)
FeedBUCK Galore's
Suck my Goldfinger
(featuring King Buc, Pete 23 <is he a Peety or a P*toiD?> & The
Pixel Princess> Missy Militia Galore
FeedBUCK Galore's Tele-Twin Towers
Karl (Share)
Lloop (WE, Share)
Operation:Mindwipe (s6k Productions)
Sheldon Drake (Undercity)
Terrorfakt (New York City power noise)
Zero Times Infinity (Lowell, MA)
All the fun goes down on Saturday, August 10th @ Luxx in Williamsburg, NY!!
This year's line up includes: Tapping the Vein, Betty's Trash, Mannequin Porn, Mixel Pixel, The Gutter Gurlz, and some special guests!

saturday 8.10.02
9.30-Porcupine Defense
10.30-E Craft
Doors 8pm

And I can't find a flyer, but ... August 15th NTT + Cruelty Campaign at the pyramid.

2002-07-31 03:30:57 ET

i have a terrorfakt sticker on my mirror in my bedroom and interface lives very near me and they suck and they're boring.

2002-07-31 03:32:58 ET


It's either E-CRAFT (which is the good stuff) or ELECTRO ROCK fest.

2002-07-31 06:02:39 ET


Anyways. You're not the Lorraine who was friends with Chris (Doktorboring) are you? If so, it's a small world.

Reprezeent Brooklyn

2002-07-31 15:12:25 ET

eric from interface is a moron...i should beat him up for fun

2002-07-31 16:02:59 ET

you should run five miles in 40 minutes in 94 degree heat for fun

2002-07-31 17:09:04 ET

omg maschine engelll

i am the lorraine that is doktor boring's friend
i havent talked to him that much lately, but he used to work for the same bank as me before i got fired (shameless plug for rivetc0rp here)

reprezent bklyn y-0

*btw you have great taste in music* loves the feindflug shirt

god only knows what the good doktor has said about me...

and wow, interface is your exboyfriend i know him & chris used to do work together

2002-07-31 17:09:04 ET

omg maschine engelll

i am the lorraine that is doktor boring's friend
i havent talked to him that much lately, but he used to work for the same bank as me before i got fired (shameless plug for rivetc0rp here)

reprezent bklyn y-0

*btw you have great taste in music* loves the feindflug shirt

god only knows what the good doktor has said about me...

and wow, interface is your exboyfriend i know him & chris used to do work together

2002-08-02 13:38:21 ET

I'm currently going through ...almost the same thing. As far as jobs go that is. Unnfortunately I'm still waiting to find out when I'm going to be scheduled for a testing day to see weather I get the job or not. I'm not sweating it. I'm sure I'll get in....but this time period of not werking is killing me....not sure what to do with my time off....I want to make stuff but I have no money to buy supplies...hopefully this time period will force me to get off my ass and start werking on music...otherwise all the software I've had donated to me is going to waste...

I hope your new roomies don't cause you too much headache in the end! I've been lucky...but you always hear the horror stories.

2002-08-02 13:50:16 ET

im in the same category as you, im' so happy that im getting to use my software kindly hax0red and donated... im using reason 2.0 now, so thats how im spending my time... i ended up writing happy music even though i didnt want to when i got home last night... reason is good, because it mimics other instruments and so if youre starting out or have been out of the game for awhile its good for quickly banging out ideas, it also gives you a good idea of signal flow...

but im definitely glad i spent my week like that, i was tempted to mack out the unemployment (but that takes 30 days to come) and so i just got stuck w/an idle week in between jobs. but dude if i got on unemployment idve gotten min. wage for sitting around the house and fucking with music

2002-08-02 14:06:10 ET

Yeah...I'm going to have to apply for unnenployment just incase something does go wrong as far as the job I'm hoping for...(always good to have a back up plan!).

reason is intimadating to me however...I had some frinds I was werking on music w/ for a while and sheesh...I'm shure once you get the hang of it it's easy...but just wanting to for me....probably wont happen 'till later down the road.:/ I've heard some amazing stuff pounded out from it though....right now I'm mostly playing with Fruity 3.4,AcidPro3.0, and Nuendo(those are the three I'm most comfortable w/). Also have a bunch of other stuffs I haven't played w/ yet. I have a lot to learn...have all sorts of ideas...can hear what I want in my head...just trying to figure out how to achieve the sound I want...

2002-08-02 14:09:46 ET

fruity is good as a sequencer, because youre not limited to what they have.. i used to use fruity to sequence my drums, and acid to arrange parts etc... cubase is what im told i should record vocals on, if i ever get that gutsy.. but me and my friend eric have done some wicked shit just using Acid and Sound Forge, remixes, etc... so has our friend from Jersey ,Chris (has a band called Life
[C]ried, fucking amazing music.. but he'll have like 50 or 60 samples, loops etc. loaded.. which if you do it right can sound rich and perfect

2002-08-02 14:23:24 ET

Hmmmm...I'll keep these tips in mind...I do have Cubase and Sound Forge as well. Does your friend Chris have any music that is available for download?Or any of your stuff for that matter?

My old band mates had a few songs like that. And they would just keep adding until they were content. Either that or I'd tell them they were getting a little carried away and some sounds were getting totally obliterated in the process!:) I'd just stare at the files with my jaw on the floor. They really are great musicians...I wish things would have werked out. Oh well,I suppose in the long run I'll be better off making music by my self...

Speaking of all of this has made me decide it's time to go play....;) Good luck with everything....

2002-08-02 14:29:48 ET

<Does your friend Chris have any music that is available for download>

no unfortunately not, i went to no results there.. which is usually the first place ppl post his music.. he's OCD so hes really picky but that makes his production quality amazing.. if youre in the NY/NJ area you can see him perform his first live show in a year in Trenton NJ at an event called Sin Thursdays:Wrath. yeah, staring at his files somtimes made my head spin... i feel lucky sometimes to be surrounded by kids who were blessed by the gods...
sometimes id give my input, like "oh this sounds better" or "use that sample instead" but then i should just go make something i want to hear myself ...

have phun wit da moosic.. good luck to you too :)

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