going to dhr/noise show
2002-07-31 17:13:47 ET

i'm going to an idm/ drum and bass/industrial show at pyramid tonight... my friend brandon (heartworm) is spinning, yup thats right, the brandon that came w/us to qxt;s... so now im going to go play quake 3... if you'll excuse me...

*i am having a good day, i woke up and got fingerprinted at the bank like a criminal (for the new job)... came back and read stephen hawkings brief history of time for an hour (yes i'm a dork) ... you know i always knew that if it wasnt for air resistance a lead weight and a feather fall at the same speed (especially on the moon) but i never knew why... my roommate played voltaire all morning... ack. then i saw him while i was eating my chinese food in the village.. the science thing though, being that i dropped out theres a lot of stuff i missed, i was homeschooled and so i'm intelligent up to a point but i really stopped learning when they put me in public school.... hung out in front of andromeda etc...

okay im being harassed for quake 3.... later kids

2002-07-31 17:19:58 ET

Brandon is spinning.?!
Some one should have told me earlier.
So I could of made plans to go see him.


2002-07-31 17:20:13 ET

Ah Brooklyn. Ever go to LeAmour? It's known as a metal club, but there is some industrial there as well. You should also check out Webster Hall on friday nights, they have this thing upstairs called Zen Warp that I'm sure you'd just love. My friend Judas has been running the DJ there.

I'm trying to remember that one place in Queens off of Crossbay blvd that I used to go to. I think they made it into a Key Food last year. >.<

2002-08-01 01:11:42 ET

Speaking of A Brief History of Time -
"The theory of relativity does, however, force us to change fundamentally our ideas of space and time. We must accept that time if not completely separate from and independent of space, but is combined with it to form an object called space-time."
Does that fuck anyone else up? I mean that statement seems to stifle a certain metaphysical or psychological understanding of time while at the also opening up new possibilities by making time something so much more tangible than it previously seemed to me.
-The Joker

2002-08-01 12:31:06 ET

hey, i found out about the pyramid show...i was there...
...i didn't really get why you left so early though :-(

2002-08-01 12:41:44 ET

Damn, lot o' New Yorkers here. :D

2002-08-01 12:43:29 ET

zen warp sucks by the way...shane has a crush on me ...eww!
and i've been to l'amores several times...

2002-08-01 12:45:50 ET

I kinda like Zen Warp... haven't been there in a few months though. Haven't had the time lately. It's funny, for some reason whenever I go there, I wind up at someone's house whom I don't know.

2002-08-01 13:07:29 ET

Heh, my friend's rock and/or roll band used to play at L'Amours... I didn't know they had any elektronik music there.

I missed when Insomnia was spinning at Zen Warp. Cry.

NYC represent.. umm, y0.

2002-08-01 13:14:24 ET

Well I'm not a big fan of the electroniks... but yea, a few here or there... my friend's band Anotherface played there, and one of the opening bands was techno... the other were hard punk and such. Pretty diverse night at least... usually it's all metal.

2002-08-01 17:02:06 ET

bio, you should have seen when insomnia span at korova (it was her birthday) lenny & shortnoiseboyjon also span, it was fun. um imma try to make it to another noise show tonight (the one last night was all noisy gabber, and i had to leave early on account of my roommate being sick and me not getting the chance to cut keys yet) but me & insomnia may show up there tonight, this ones more industrial noise, i promise...

oh yeah, on the subject of a brief history of time, this one is illustrated.. like a little kid's book.. and its a lot more helpful when you can *see* a space time diagram...

2002-08-01 17:11:09 ET

I need a copy of that! I had to re-read the mass/gravity thang in the book 4 times before I got it. Then I remembered the feather and ball experiment. Im definitely hitting a bookstore.
-The Joker

2002-08-01 17:39:27 ET

yeah the feather/ball thing fucked me up
like i was on the L train today
and i jumped, like i was in an elevator
and i was like "why am i in the same place?"
i have so many misconceptions about basic reality that need to be corrected...

2002-08-01 17:42:25 ET

No! Not corrected... most of reality lies in perception. Like the old philosophy trick... the only true reality is in the mind.

2002-08-01 17:46:16 ET

that is true, and i liek the way that hawking describes what a hypothesis is, and a scientific theory. cannot be proved, only disproved. so if your model of the world works for you , there is technically nothing wrong with it. like if i think i live in a world where inertia on a train doesnt apply, but i never hop from car to car on the roof, it doesnt really matter does it...

i also like the division of reality into 3 theories that work on 3 levels.. although there is no unifying theory or absolute reality, the mindset that there can be three right answers, one on the quantum level (really small stuff) the newtonian level (average sized stuff) and the relativistic level (big stuff or stuff going really fast)... and to accept all three truths as good enough for now.. is a bit of a shift from science's usual Quest for One Truth...

2002-08-01 18:08:08 ET

Yeah, I enjoy that way of thinking as well, I mean really, even if the Universe isnt infinite, (or in a way perhaps is, as they describe it in the book as possibly being folded over itself, like how if you walk forward on a globe long enough you'll end up where you left without having turned in any way)It is much too large for us to understand by accountability, so kind of like you said, we have to shape out understanding of the world by process of elimination.
The three level theory system is also pretty cool considering the parallels it draws between such drastically different parts of our Universe. A Unified Theory would be nice... but damn, its not like Im coming up with any answers.
As for the the world one shapes for themselves, I always considered insanity to be the epitomy of the inability to accept more than one reality.
Think about it, one can concieve that a passing shadow is a demon sent to eat their tasty bone marrow, that same person can then accept the "rational" reality that it was just a shadow, or that they saw nothing at all. An insane person cannot accept that is any other reality than the one in mind, and if it is that marrow-eating demon. Well then they're fucked because it is so real to them.

Of course, what does this say for us and our everyday unquestioned realities?
-The Joker

2002-08-02 14:02:20 ET

you may appreciate the book
"zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" by Robert Pirsig

it uses metaphysics and physics to tackle philosophical issues.
(im paraphrasing here)
"must reality be something that only a handful of scientists can understand? isnt insanity, by definition, the failure to accept or understand reality? then, who are we to criticize the insane?"

science is the mythology of the 21st century, we are too cynical to accept anything that isnt abstract and arcane so only the experts can understand it. plus, i liked quantum theory and relativity because it implies something moralistically.. about things being relative to your perspective.

my friend Chris told me something that made me nearly cry. we share the same brain, almost.. the small coincidences in taste, etc. are absolutely uncanny. and we hate that song "dead stars" by covenant because we hear it at club too much. well one day the song comes on and we start to talk; he tells me that everything used to be in a clump.. in the beginning... and that all matter has been part of a star at one point in time... because thats all there was.. and then we went on to excitedly imagine the possibility that at one point he and i were part of the same star (it sounds cheezy but at the time it made sense) and it explained our innate ability to "just get along".(song lyric = dead stars... still burn (repeated). this was quite the mindfuck discussion at the time but sounds dumb in retrospect. of course all this science stuff, whether or not is true, does put some sort of meaning in our lives... which is its job anyway, because science is a tool invented by humans *to serve* humans.. not the other way around... sometimes it loses sight of that.. but thats the ultimate value judgement..

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