2002-08-02 14:57:51 ET


i need an answer, and quick!!!

should i cut my hair? i currently have long black hair that goes down my back but is in terrible shape.. stylistically, i dress combat/rivet-ey when im not working and in business suits (yes i wear a tie) when i am working. most of the time my hair is in a ponytail anyways. and thanks to global warming and no A/C in my brooklyn apartment im ready to hack it all off.. so im thinking of something not like the goth bob.. not as bouncy and shapey.. but boylike simple and short..my bangs stay long.. if they try to touch my bangs i will KILL THEM but i have had the same hair since like 5th grade.... im thinking of a toned down bob in front, bangs chin length going upwards to make it appear that i have real cheekbones.. getting shorter in the back, maybe an inch or2 underneath shaved.. but i have to get somethingclean cut and professional.. im just pleased it will look good with new suits i buy...and briefcases and cell phones and stuff.. i know im weird.. but i only have a limited window to do this before i chicken out again, or run out of money. and the window is this weekend.... hmm.

2002-08-02 14:59:12 ET

Don't do it!

It looks nice. Long.

2002-08-02 15:01:14 ET

justine already cut 3 inches of dead ends off .. when i saw them on the floor they looked like yukky uneven snakes and i didnt feel bad at all.. i was like "thank god theyre off my head" ... my ex tim said i shouldnt either but he just wants me to look like him

2002-08-02 15:17:36 ET

who needs hair anyway...and it grows back...and i think you would look really cute and it would be much cooler :-)

2002-08-02 15:44:12 ET

Girls in suits = sex.

And Furax is right. Hair grows back. Maul it, if you don't like it, it'll grow back.

2002-08-02 17:57:20 ET

i had an A-Line angeled bob for years (and in a way it's still that style, just MUCH shorter and spikier now). every pitch, angle, lebgth, and style of it, and i loved them all! i say go for it ... i'm suer you'd look smashing!


2002-08-03 13:58:27 ET

yes yours looks cute, and is more along the lines of what i had in mind

i just saw a boy walking down the street with the exact cut i want, the exact one! if i had a polaroid i would have asked him if i could take his picture... i have the appointment for 2 pm tommorrow with a girl who apparently specializes in hair for folks "of the morbid persuasion" (I LOVE NYC) *plus* after looking through magazines for hours i remembered... 'hey i can draw!" so i sketched it... and im pretty sure she will do it good and as long as she doesnt add any funny colored glowing hair extensions ill be good.

2002-08-03 13:59:24 ET

whee! i want to see it!

2002-08-03 14:19:38 ET

you can probably see it sometime next week if you want. she didnt cut it today... shes cutting it tomorrow

2002-08-03 14:20:47 ET

good! good! :-)

2002-08-03 14:27:05 ET

the temperature is part of the decision.. plus we're all gonna die because of global warming! the village voice said so so it must be true! and then it wont matter what my hair looks like

2002-08-03 14:29:59 ET

just remember minimalism is fun! hehe ;-P

2002-08-03 17:25:59 ET

knee-jerk response:


2002-08-06 13:47:40 ET

HA i did! and it looks awesome

2002-08-06 13:48:15 ET

i want to see it

2002-08-06 13:48:52 ET

hmn .. there is no web camera

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