2002-08-03 14:14:30 ET


The most hated of all on, we had to create the privacy features early on for this character. We love cath too much to delete him, but he had to be banned for periods of time due to user conflict. Whatta punk!

What subkultures member are you?

so i guess im some sort of catalyst or something...

its true, (ask Insomnia) i dont know why in the world my loved ones put up with me... i was that kid that always gets suspended from school but somehow never expelled.. and i thought i was going to end up being Biomechanic... hmn

well i'm being dragged off to see Voltaire tonight at the Ratcave (Albion/Batcave)... i wouldnt go except it was free because my roommate regularly takes it in the arse from Voltaire.
i left my MIDI controller on and it ate all the batteries. so now i have to get new ones. (wah) and i was werking on something too. and the annoying part, is when youre on Reason 2.0 and youre playing something and your keyboard/midi controller cuts out without giving the "note off' signal it just keeps going and going... ew.

haujobbs ex girlfriend goes to my hairdresser. you know, you move to new york for anonymity, and what happens....

well since i have done absolutely NOTHING with myself worth noting besides procrastinate about my hair im going to post something i found and forgotten i had written

-way of the gun

i run i run
i reach for the gun
and in reaching, i learn to abstain
i point, i shoot
the point that was moot
is being recycled again

i speak, i lie
this will cannot die
but toss in its sleep and its shame.
the heart, the truth
the pain at the root
tries to resurface again

i run, i run
the way of the gun
is to draw without anger, or fear
to learn, to prove,
but never to use
these truths that grow painfully clear

but what of the days we spent learning the ways
to retrace all those steps we had made
the things we have done, they grow bright in the sun
and then disappear in the shade

the tries, the takes, the numbered mistakes
at the end of teh blade still remain.
i run, i run, the two that were one
are now eating each other again...

<for some reason writing has been easier for me than drawing. i am good at drawing but now have a full blown phobia of it..,>

2002-08-03 14:18:12 ET

where's my gun ma? ;-P
...and if you're going to Drowntime/Buttcrave then i guess i'll see you there...

2002-08-03 14:19:27 ET


A cock riding fag with ill intentions towards all, you like to mount, mate and leave various good smelling people. In your free time you build websites that no one understands, chew on your fingernails, and listen to music that no one else likes.

What subkultures member are you?


CONVERTER was amazing last nite!!!!!

Know of any good ftp's?

2002-08-03 14:20:03 ET

i got Bio and Arsenic ...those freaks

2002-08-03 14:21:33 ET

back in my mIRC days i would have


haha.. cock riding fag. thats great

i wonder if the quiz answers are randomly generated?

because there werent that many questions

2002-08-03 14:24:43 ET

they are randomly generated :-P

2002-08-03 14:27:31 ET

regularly takin it up the ass from voltair? heh
i always thought voltaire was straight.

2002-08-03 14:29:06 ET

if anyone can help i will upload the show!!!!

i was in the front BTW(so amazing show!)

2002-08-03 14:30:47 ET

umm...voltaire has hit on me and bought me drinks haha

2002-08-03 14:33:17 ET

FURAX! so you are the friend who is taking it up the ass? AWWYEa

2002-08-03 14:45:46 ET

naw dude voltaire gives it to ALL my friends up the ass

and i wish i could help, after the video my friend kristof took of the crappy noise show me bio and furax went to, i need some good video... besides the transvestite porn dvd sitting dusty and neglected besides my bed

2002-08-03 14:47:41 ET

i got cathartic too...i've talked to cathartic..cathartic is likes cathartic...*drool* :-D

2002-08-03 15:31:56 ET

i can hook ya up w./ a disc....

2002-08-03 21:13:23 ET

besides the transvestite porn dvd sitting dusty and neglected besides my bed

Wait, you have transvestite porn DVDs that you don't watch?

You are giving it to me.

... I wrote the write up for Arsenic... and if you read the source to the netQuiz page, you'll notice that random number generator javaScript. ; )

I always wanted to go say `hi` to Voltaire .. but I am afraid to ... =[ I can be like "I worked at Projekt" and he will be like "Die, sckumm."

(everyone is biomechanic deep down inside)

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