2002-08-12 14:34:42 ET

i changed the decor here.. tell me what you think.. the background is from requiem for a dream.. (a darren arnofsky film)...

i am still enjoying my new job. roommate drama is kind of prevalent but i am ignoring that. tonight there is a meteor shower starting at 11 pm. i am going to this spot off the shore of brooklyn, on this broken concrete platform in front of an abandoned factory, you can see the whole island of manhattan and skyline from across the water, and reflected on it. you can also see stars. i am going to go on this rock and lie down like an iguana. and i am going to look up for shooting stars, because i am a geek, and i think space is Really Cool.

in fact, i think that space is so cool, that me& a friend went to an IMAX space movie last night.. in 3d. about the space station. it was so real, they filmed it especially for 3d because they used two cameras spaced about 6 inches from each other... like when they poured out the water in the cabin and it bubbled and floated.. or the runaway m&ms hit the camera... i instinctively opened my mouth to catch them... the film was a blatant piece of propaganda by Lockheed Martin justifying tax dollars spent on space exploration but it was still cool, because cape canaveral florida is my home, before i came to n.y. 2 years ago

so my money problems look like they have passed.. i am much happier... although the car broke down w/a flat tire in the bronx last night and i didnt get home till 330 am... i like my job enough to not mind dragging my carcass there half dead...the only thing is that i may be locked out of my house again because i lost my keys... but anyone who knows me knows that i am like the guy from Memento. i have a serious problem with memory. i also have a serious organization problem, i think being in my work environment has taught me this... but something funny i notice, is that all the challenges and problems i have now, situations where i am my own greatest enemy, arise out of things my second grade teacher could have told you about me. i am a SLOPPY KID. irresponsible, procrastinating avoidant etc.

on a lighter note, i went to the ecraft show.. i had such a great time.. i ran into everyone i wanted to see there... Furax, Bio, Kain, Doktor242... Sammy from killbox... props to everyone who bought me drinks... i was more than a bit wobbly getting home... ecraft was a lot more energetic and well put together than they were last year...and ben (dj hellraver) didnt play his usual commercial fare, no he played industrial to impress e craft since they were at the show to... so industrial was played all night, and i got to dance... ALOT. i think my favorite songs to dance too.. beers steers and queers.. and supernaut... i have started more than one riot to that... oh well off to check my email and look at shooting stars....

2002-08-12 14:40:28 ET

i was really glad to see you there too :-)
and hellraver is funny like that...what a tool haha

2002-08-12 14:51:00 ET

requiem for a dream = best movie ever

2002-08-12 15:02:39 ET

meteor showers rock. Imax rocks too, especially when the film is 3d and you use the 3d goggles. very good stuff.

2002-08-12 15:03:24 ET

i agree. i havent been scared by a movie in a long time. after watching it i curled up on the couch and made my ex cuddle me. even though he was my ex. because i needed any kind of contact, even semi human contact...

especially during the part where sara goldfarb gets electrocuted *shudders*

2002-08-12 15:04:01 ET

yah and after the space movie i had space dots! ice cream of the Future~! it must be good if it comes from the future~!

2002-08-12 15:04:02 ET

i still need to see this movie

2002-08-12 15:46:43 ET

Space ice cream is the rock.

And it was good to see YOU there, too... even though Furax decided to miss the opening acts.

And I went to Cape Caneveralralmrlal for vacation once, I still have a NASA keychain...

I was thinking about going out and watching that shower, too.

E-craft heart heart... aww... I felt like he loved me so much during the show and I swooned.
Interface, however, haha.

And you tried to give me beer! BAD.

2002-08-12 15:52:50 ET

Bio = straightedge good boy (a.k.a. - fairy) hehe ;-P

2002-08-12 15:55:57 ET


When I'm not in my BDUs I'm in frilly floral dresses.

2002-08-12 16:11:10 ET

if you give me beer, i would drink it. And then i would ask for more.

2002-08-12 17:13:33 ET

you have been buddied for what its worth : )

2002-08-12 18:36:01 ET

im sure you be very pretty bio. my dad wears them all the time.

2002-08-13 14:24:34 ET

thank you mr dismaloutlook :) although i may end up boring you to death with my long winded journal entries

bio - *keramik* would take beer from me! he'd let me get him likkered up! and he doesnt even know me! a shining example of trust, one you could learn from my dear boy... its ok youll be part of the family one way or another *snickers*

2002-08-13 15:56:34 ET


Is the sound that comes out of me, when you tell me these things and make me cry. I just want to be a good little boy.

2002-08-14 17:46:57 ET

um...i just hope you dont expect me to spank you...0.o

2002-08-14 17:48:51 ET

woah...hehe :-P

2002-08-14 17:51:24 ET

lorraine may do that for ya though.kid touchin and all but with kids like bio here its hard not to.

2002-08-14 17:52:29 ET


2002-08-14 18:00:31 ET

aaw...sorry furax.umm..
*gives you some sushi*

2002-08-14 18:02:08 ET

you gave me sushi?! yay! :-D

2002-08-14 18:03:29 ET

we..not real sushi sadly.i think i might go get some more this weekend.or some mushroom pizza.

2002-08-14 18:04:11 ET

i like mushrooms too... ;-P

2002-08-14 18:08:36 ET

::gives Furax mushrooms of questionable origin::

2002-08-14 18:09:20 ET

wait a minute...look at that sound comming out of the radio!

2002-08-14 18:12:04 ET

That's perfectly normal.

2002-08-19 11:35:40 ET

lol silly kids

2002-08-19 17:20:27 ET

im nuthin but a kid.=(

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