2002-09-01 16:58:56 ET

so i am having a rather nice weekend... i escaped to Upstate NY (even i get sick of the city)... but its been rainy... so we watched movies: goodfellas... das boot... went to multiple really cool parks and an arcade... and tomorrow i go to playland... (the place from that 80s movie Big w/tom hanks) so suffice it to say i feel like a kid right now. i'm even sucking on a lollipop... all this is with the kid from Insomnia's infamous fashion-nazi thread (stopped at 86 replies).. so theres geese everywhere and i couldnt resist : do the goose step!!! the goose step!!! (all in good fun ov course even if someone DOES watch Das Boot a little too much) .. I got italian food made for me last night after watching goodfellas.. fried zucchini and chicken thingies that are italian (yeah i know, real specific) i tried to get him to teach me how to make pasta so i could make it for Insomnia.. we even went to a park where there's a real castle... it looks like a level from unreal tournament.. you know the capture the flag level with the castles... suffice it to say that i have a good time... and my faith in my ability to be a normal kid and enjoy normal kid things is being restored (not every thing i involve myself in has to be weird or screwed up... etc) its a nice feeling... its so good to have weekends off again and be able to do this kind of stuff without having to feel guilty for playing hooky from work...

so i have an idea, i want to start saving up to go snowboarding. i already can surf rather well ( i am from florida, originally) and i wonder, who would go with me on such a thing. i think i would rather buy my own board, and snowboarding from what i hear is a more chick friendly sport.. i'm sure i'll get hooked and end up moving to some obscure part of upstate ny so i can snowboard all the time... besides i'm learning that city life isn't all its cracked up to be.. if only i had a car...

death by design/ over and out

2002-09-01 17:06:49 ET

last time i went snowboarding was a few years back but it had rained and the slopes were all just one huge sheet of solid ice...
so, i get on this "freestyle snowboard" where your feet don't get attached into the boot things...because there are no boot things!
and umm... it was too cold to walk to (sneak onto) where the easier slopes were so i just went down a more difficult hill... and it was a very painful experience to say the least...
my suggestion: if you go 'snow'boarding make sure there's snow.

2002-09-01 17:56:18 ET

its always nice to be a kid again. i dont think i ever was much of one, always keeping to myself. the most kid-like activity i did was climb trees when i was little.

snowbordings been an aspiration of mine for awhile. sounds fun.

2002-09-02 01:30:09 ET

I like going go carting upstate.

vroom vroom!

2002-09-02 06:28:06 ET

You'll always be a kid babe. Glad you're having fun.

I'll rack my brain for you, I'm sure I know someone who snowboards.

And you really are a geek. Quinn (also a geek) went to Italy and stayed in a fucking castle and all he could talk about was how he felt like he was in Age of Empires. Geeks.

And yay for pasta!

2002-09-02 12:46:07 ET

my boy taught me to snowboard a couple years ago. being a dancer, i couldn't even keep my balance, but by the end of the day i got the hang of it! i say go for it! have fun!

2002-09-02 13:52:41 ET

how long would you say on average it would take a person to learn to snowboard fairly good. at least without falling so much.

2002-09-03 11:29:50 ET

In wish I lived in NY now to go with you, but I'd probably be too busy looking at the snow I'd run into a tree.

Or too busy being petrified by cold!

2002-09-03 11:54:57 ET

You've done it.

*Walks out the door to go get a lollipop.*

2002-11-15 21:39:06 ET

I'll snowboard with you!
You'll have to teach me.

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