short story **50,000 friend points if you read it***
2002-10-03 17:43:13 ET

can be found here .

dont laugh its a stupid page builder thing i just copy pasted the text. let me know what you think... its actually a short snip of something with a painfully elaborate plot.. its easier when you write about it in pieces

2002-10-03 17:46:05 ET

As always, I'm quite taken with your talent, and the way you make words flow like water.

Granted, I've read a lot more of it than anyone else here has, but i really feel like MetaConey is a real place, that i could go to....

2002-10-03 17:48:49 ET

*is still embarasssed at lack of HTML knowledge*

2002-10-03 18:03:26 ET

I like the story so far DBD...

-The Joker

2002-10-03 18:07:21 ET

very descriptive...existential in could be developed nicely into a nice length short story :-)

2002-10-03 18:07:36 ET

**hands The Joker and doktor242 50,000 friend points**

2002-10-03 18:10:44 ET

Sweet, are these like redeemable tickets from Chuck E. Cheese's? Oh yeah and speaking analytically I especially like the transition where he closes his eyes while following the girl and opens them with his cheek stuck to the table.

-the Joker

2002-10-03 18:14:18 ET


I read that.

I want to trade in points for valuable prizes. :[

2002-10-03 18:42:35 ET

where's my points?! i was jipped!

2002-10-03 18:43:45 ET

50,000 points is nothing.

You get like 6,000,000 for most biomechanical entries.

2002-10-04 06:48:09 ET

i'd rather read a dbd entry 200x over a bio entry, even with the points.

are you planning to learn html?

2002-10-04 13:10:04 ET

psh... HTML is no problem. i can do it for you... that is, if i ever get my computer back, instead of using this wacky Mac contraption that doesn't have a decent editor.

2002-10-04 14:10:01 ET

and i did like the story btw... by the time i figured out i forget that part i couldn't edit my comment anymore.

2002-10-04 20:12:10 ET

What editor are you missing? I have Dreamweaver MX on my Mac.

2002-10-05 00:03:00 ET

Dreamweaver MX kicks much ass...

-The Joker

2002-10-05 14:29:18 ET

hands joker , defekitv, pheel, and furax 50k points.

hands pheel 10k extra for flattery

2002-10-05 14:45:11 ET


2002-10-05 14:50:28 ET

pfft! pheel, you suck up! ;-P

2002-10-05 14:53:57 ET

i'm loved. i dunno.

2002-10-05 15:31:35 ET

ive caught him flattering me more than once.. he who has the most friend points gets my computer if i die

2002-10-05 15:46:41 ET

haha. yipee.

2002-10-05 18:51:59 ET

Pfft, I don't want it. It's a pc, and the soundcard's shite.
</sour grapes>


2002-10-06 05:32:54 ET

i'd take it just for the stickers :-P

2002-10-06 07:40:38 ET

Yeah, those ARE pretty 1337.

2002-11-15 22:16:24 ET

I... don't think I get it. It kept my attention, but I'm confused. What's my name again?

2002-11-15 22:17:27 ET

(accidental double post... I should be asleep)

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