quiz results and tattoo advice
2002-10-05 15:15:44 ET


thinking of getting this as a tattoo, just the gun. getting it on the underside of my left arm (the space between wrist and elbow, below the wrist) where most people get their black flag bars.

Insomnia calls this a jobkiller . but that arm is covered in scars on the other side, it looks like a wolverine had its way with that arm, so i always have to wear long sleeves anyway, it doesnt make much of a difference the way i see it.

oh yeah

and these happened

You are professor Membrane, inventor of SuperToast, and all that stands between Earth and chaos!. There is only Science ...and occasionally it's unfortunate intersection with your family.

The time for choosing is now!

<small>Take The Mighty Invader Zim Test!</small>

2002-10-05 15:20:52 ET

That would make an excellent tattoo.

If you don't mind me asking.. what happened to your arm?

2002-10-05 15:30:31 ET

you need a jobkiller
and you don't understand
I am like quicksand
lick it from my hand
I am your jobkiller
I let your mind expand
I am like quicksand
lick it from my hand

tick tock tick tock
madness comes tonight
what's reality compared to me
I rest on the bed
and I'm sure I slowly get mad

2002-10-05 15:33:42 ET

*robot voice*... i slowly get maaaaad

what happened to my arm.. thats a long story.. see, i used to train falcons and then.. oh wait nm it was a car accident..

2002-10-05 15:36:21 ET

same thing that happened to every other angsty teen's arms...

2002-10-05 15:43:39 ET

Well, at least yours is concealable. Not on your face, like mine.

2002-10-05 15:52:33 ET

besides. when i am old it will be the future. and in the future anything is possible, tatoo removal will be a breeze.

2002-10-05 18:55:06 ET

It's a breeze now. It's just a really expensive breeze.

That having said, i'm in favor of Brian Wood art on your body.

2002-10-06 11:13:28 ET

rachel said that he would actually draw up a tattoo specifically for me. turns out, she'd been blabbing about her roommates..and he kept asking to see my pic's... im flattered, really... but i dunno...

2002-10-06 12:15:44 ET

id gat not on the underside of your arm...but underneath it...like where a gun of such caliber would be hidden if you were to carry one. and id get it life size as well...

2002-10-06 12:21:48 ET


2002-10-06 13:58:26 ET

it would be a badass tattoo, but i dunno is there any meaning behind it?

or just that it looks good. im just wondering, don't think of it as like oh it should have lots of meaning behind it, because alot of peoples don't which is ok as long as they really thought about it

2002-10-06 16:21:45 ET

my old boss actually had tat of bettie page hog-tied and gagged on that part of his arm that you're talking about -that is definitely keeping him from getting a new job.
HK MP's kick ass. but i'd get a Browning M2 tat - there's just something bad-ass about 50 calibers. mwhahaha!
i was gonna get printed circuits tattooed all over my back and neck, but then that would also be a job killer. damn employers.

2002-10-09 17:17:46 ET

yaR. w3rk- i want something with meanings that are vague and insinuate- not anything specific like person name, band name religious belief etc. i go for aesthetic which is more elusive than that, and i like the many, many meanings behind that particular tattoo.. for all the things guns symbolize, violence, power.. not saying that i endorse all those things (although i may find them SEXY at times) i would rather have something non specific. i like the caption 'make them understand' that accompanies the gun (dont know if thats in the link i posted) also, brian wood's art has a very ink-heavy propaganda feel to it. www.brianwood.com very talented indeed.

i suppose i am plagued by typical 'need to make a statement' even if it's cryptic, ironic, vague or just confusing. but it just looks so good...

2002-10-10 12:25:19 ET

Making a tatoo sounds good to me. Espesially if you have nothing to lose! If your arms are constantly concealed, what could it hurt??? A gun sounds great to me actually.

2002-10-10 12:51:50 ET

ya the picture is definitly very very cool

im just saying as long as your ok with it then go for it

2002-10-10 13:08:12 ET


2002-10-10 14:11:33 ET


2002-10-10 14:15:21 ET

im liking the other one more and more looking at it

*drool w/ you*

2002-10-10 14:18:08 ET

muahaha. i knew you would see the light...

the original pic has a caption in big capital letters.. that says 'MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND" i think i should get it WITH the text

2002-10-10 14:21:14 ET

what is channel zero ?

2002-10-10 14:22:48 ET

Oh and btw Brian Wood says you're hot Lorraine.

2002-10-10 14:23:37 ET

well brian wood is a very smart man :P

2002-10-10 14:24:59 ET

Damnit she signed off. Anyway he knows our other roomie who showed him a pic of Lorraine and now he says she is hot.

2002-10-10 14:25:46 ET

how old is brian wood?

is he a pretty young guy?

2002-10-10 14:28:59 ET

no he is not. he's not old though.

2002-10-10 14:30:11 ET

like 20's?


2002-10-10 14:32:57 ET

i don't know him.

2002-10-10 14:36:37 ET

oh :)

2002-10-10 19:33:12 ET

d00d he's like 31... ew. ;) besides he's all famous and stuph...

i bet he'd think i was even hotter if i had a tattoo of his art on me....

2002-10-10 19:37:40 ET

he's really into you. and yeah he's 31, he is not that ugly i just saw a pic of him his nose is kinda bigger than anything else though...

2002-10-10 19:40:10 ET

anything else eh.... :p

2002-10-11 12:09:18 ET

all guys who are any good must love the arm tatoo of gun, yessssss.....O.o

2002-10-12 23:54:13 ET

brian wood photoshopped 'atari' off of my shirt and put his own propaganda then posted it on his forums... hmmm

2002-10-12 23:57:14 ET

You= posterchild!

2002-10-13 00:02:04 ET

i know isnt it great

2002-10-13 06:21:38 ET

heh do you have a link to the picture?

2002-10-13 06:24:24 ET

hey it worked before.. i think my server batcave.net is down..

i'm posting it as a separate journal entry anyway, it rox0rs too much to leave alone

2002-10-13 06:25:49 ET

it's saved on your favorites list in IE babe - the Brian Wood journal thing, if you wanna post it. ..

2002-10-13 06:27:43 ET

haha i just saw it in your gallery Insomnia

thats pretty cool, added the gun to j00r panties also unless that was there before

2002-10-13 06:30:38 ET

no that was there before those are fucking hot i bought them for her cause i wanted them but i don't wear underwear (can i say that on these forums? heh too many kiddies). . . then i can ask her boy toys if they liked her underwear..heh

2002-10-13 06:39:13 ET

'gunderwear' .. thank you

2002-10-13 06:49:58 ET

commando insomnia

you should get a shirt that has that on it.

2002-10-13 06:54:58 ET

hah "suicide commando insomnia"

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