2002-10-06 12:37:54 ET

Which ArchAngel are you most like?

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what an ego boost...

well i'm at Web2Zone.. they're hosting the World Cyber Games, its really quite the big deal, like the olympics but with computers. we're trying to get the Quake3tourney winner to join subkultures.net... he's gonna be going to Korea to compete in the nationals

so let me ask you people this.. if everything worth having is worth fighting for, or worth waiting for, how do you tell the difference? like if its a person.. and you've been waiting a while.. how can you tell when to start fighting for what you care about, stop pretending that you don't? my timing is always exquisitely fucked. i fight when i should wait and wait when i should fight.. i cant say specifics but i dont know what to do and dont want to lose something important.. maybe i should just be ok with being in limbo... *sigh*

**went to stromkern saw bio and azraeltriggger.. had plenty o fun.. details later

2002-10-06 12:42:09 ET

w00t. i have never heard about the WCG... (it's not official for sure hey). that would be cool. sorry i didn't read the last part. *gets prepared to lose friend points*

2002-10-06 13:08:36 ET

i'm not much for one on advice: but i think it's time to stop waiting for someone when waiting becomes a hinderance to your life: cause i guess that if it's really worth waiting for then you wouldn't consider the fact that your waiting for it a hinderance to begin with: ...and if theres something important enough for you to care about, then you should fight for it from the beginning cause otherwise
1: it's not worth caring about:
2: you'll end up annoyed, irritated, depressed, possibly all of the above, possibly more:

i could probably think of a million other things to say on the matter but correspondance becomes an issue: i hope i made some sense though: =)

2002-10-06 14:09:15 ET

yay! we had fun!

2002-10-06 15:12:30 ET

i am confused by the definitions of "waiting" and "fighting" ...both of these things are tactics of combat it just depends on what you want your strategy to be...

2002-10-06 16:58:50 ET

Lots of fun!


oh God.

I didn't know they actually played all those stereotypical songs. :[

2002-10-06 18:18:22 ET

Worth fightin and worth waiting... hard concepts.

I think that the best thing to do is to wait unti lthe goal is in sight, wait until you're close. Wait until you can see that fighting wont be a waste of time.

And then attack with all of your might.

Of course, I'm the wrong person to give you advice about this.

2002-10-07 13:29:55 ET

Sun Tzu wrote a fascinating book a while back.

Grab it and apply it. It's the best I can give.

2002-10-08 10:53:56 ET

I agree... I live much of my daily life by "The Art of War" , as a matter of fact, the copy Finn let me borrow.

-The Joker

2002-10-09 17:37:40 ET

Joker - that guy from Morbid Angel still has my copy of 'zen guitar'... oh my penchant for eastern philosophy ...maybe i should just apply the concepts from machaivelli's (misspelled) 'the prince' instead...

digit: so what you're saying is that if its worth waiting for then waiting for it wouldnt be such a fucking chore. but if its really worth having then you should be able to fight tooth and nail for it from the start... i suppose this technique could save me quite some time.. eh there are better things i can be putting my mind to than the inability of others to see how ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE i am *jk...

bio & azrael- yes i had FUN at Batcave.. Azrael, the fact that you can take a miserable place like albion/batcave and make it come to life says something about you and im not just talking about the obvious events... d00d i macked it out that night! i got like 5 phone numbers/email addresses! i havent done anything with them yet though!!

2002-10-09 18:02:37 ET


2002-10-09 18:06:17 ET

More boys?

I thought you were trying to cut the pointless crap out, not add more.

2002-10-10 05:33:12 ET

haha, all in good fun doktor. sometimes, you gotta know if you still got it.

2002-10-10 05:49:30 ET

i think it's abundantly clear she's still got it.

the problem is, she doesn't need it.

2002-10-10 19:48:13 ET

*sorts through baseball cards/boi's*... got it, got it, need it, got it... "hey justine... i'll trade you this one!!!"

2002-10-10 19:48:28 ET

hehe like POKEMON they are

2002-10-10 19:57:46 ET

Yep, and about as smart and/or useful.

2002-10-11 11:57:20 ET

"Gotta catch'em all!" ;)

Hey Doktor, dont hate the playah, hate the game ;)

-The Joker

2002-10-11 11:59:51 ET

Oh, I assure you, i'm entirely too fond of this playa for my own good. The game, however, is a wate of time. In the end, you always lose.

But this pimp-daddy is retiring his fur coat and platform shoes. ;)

2002-10-11 12:03:38 ET

::laughz:: the platforms with the goldfish in them?! Come on, if you dont want them, hook a brutha up!
-The Joker

2002-10-11 12:04:57 ET

They're floating at the top, but you can have 'em. ;)

2002-10-11 12:06:17 ET

So they're dead Goldfish? It'll be a hit at the Goth clubs! Sweet!

-The Joker

2002-10-11 12:08:22 ET

Dammit. Now that's something I would've loved to see.

2002-10-11 12:20:00 ET

hahaha: that reminds me of a simpsons episode: disco stu had disco platforms with dead fish in them:

2002-10-11 12:37:56 ET

"Disco STU, does not need to advertise."

2002-10-12 23:55:55 ET

haha i got Disco Stu in the 'which obscure simpsons character are you?' quiz...

2002-10-13 00:00:00 ET

Really? Insomnia and I had you pegged as Mongomery Burns....

2002-10-13 00:02:30 ET

close second, close second...

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