2002-10-14 20:24:59 ET

/// and blood dark red, against white keys
these notes that cut me to my knees
these notes that cut me till i cry
these notes that bleed me till i die
these notes that sing out sad but true
...all are singing out to you...

*ah... my junior high school poetry book..*

2002-10-14 20:28:08 ET

Yes.. I was feeling nostalgic the other day and looking through my old poetry and songs. Its funny to me. I could see the progression of my own life. Interesting. I wonder how Burroughs or Ginsburg felt reading their older work.

2002-10-14 20:30:31 ET

I just subjected DbD to some of my old shit from 93 today.


2002-10-14 20:32:19 ET

HAHA!. I do not dare share my older work. Well not over the internet anyway.

2002-10-14 20:36:21 ET

*rewind clock 6 or so years*

"hey mom, what rhymes with death?"

"Crystal meth... "

"Cool! thanks mom!!!"

2002-10-14 20:39:50 ET

HA! wow.. My Scenerio would have been

"hey mom, what rhymes with death?"

" J.sin, these men are just trying to help you"

" But I dont wanna go away!!!"

2002-10-14 20:41:10 ET

poor baby *pats head*

2002-10-14 20:44:48 ET

yes poor me.. *twitch twitch* haha.. nah, My mom was just psycho when I was growing up with her. She has mellowed out alot now. anyway *doesnt talk about those things* yeah.

2002-10-14 20:46:16 ET

P.s. I like the new avatar

2002-10-14 20:47:04 ET

yah my scene would have been like this

*knock knock*

(puts down nintendo controller)
'fuck all.. are you jehovah's witnesses?'


'you swear?'

'Were the men in the white coats.'

'oh, whats up guys... mom's in the living room *points*'

2002-10-14 20:50:59 ET



2002-10-14 20:52:09 ET

yeah that was the year i quit school to play pac man ...

2002-10-14 20:54:52 ET

HAHA!! YES!!! I quit school to play Mega Man 1 through 8

2002-10-14 21:06:30 ET

junior high school poetry rocks! ;-P

...i think i only really began to write once i was in high school though.

2002-10-14 21:25:25 ET

you might awaken a monster if you post these things... if all of SK and after them he LJ and the rest will start posting their hischool writings... Don't think theres enough bandwidth in the world for that

2002-10-14 21:28:37 ET

Hehe, poetry. I used to have to write poety for a lit class. Most of it was insulting crap that happened to rhyme. Never my strong point... ;]

2002-10-15 12:03:59 ET

Hmmm Ill have to look through my old notebooks and find my old poetry from High School... My favorite one was "Snow White", I really dug that poem.

-The Joker

2002-10-15 19:26:56 ET

"Her fingers, burning
As she serves us hot saki
Now she serves ice cream"

Haiku by my dad and myself trying to explain the inhuman pain tolerance of one japanese waitress while at a sushi dinner. Hehehe. Classy, no? ;]

2002-10-15 21:59:16 ET

as I said... a monster!

2002-10-15 22:53:52 ET

Rofl. What hath thou wrought?

2002-10-15 22:57:38 ET


2002-10-16 04:25:08 ET

"clear as diamonds, as she's crying, dripping, bleeding, slowly dying." my 14yr old sister BrokenMachine

2002-10-16 04:25:28 ET

its about our mom (!)

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