need help
2002-10-16 07:51:04 ET

okay i want to make two online quizzes...

a 'which Vasekauskas Orphan are you?" (our apartment used to be a german bar called vasakauskas..and we have 6 roommates. the questions are going to include things like: Are you Smelly/? Do you eat nothing but peanut butter? With a different girl each night? Does the BIOS password protection on my computer piss you off? etc)..

the second quiz i wanna make is 'Which of my Ex Boyfriends are you? *this promises to be the most spectacular one, and i look forward to plenty of hate mail*.

Unfortunately, i dont know java script (i THINK those things are written in java script) is there an easy quiz making site thingie? i found one but it was kind of confusing...

thanx -dbD

2002-10-16 08:14:03 ET

"Which of my Ex Boyfriends are you?"


2002-10-16 08:20:35 ET

Those are hysterical L...

2002-10-16 08:43:58 ET

this should tell you how to do it

2002-10-16 09:42:13 ET

And then I want to make a "how right are you for me" quiz, with varying degrees, the best one being impossible. . .

2002-10-16 10:40:38 ET

HA! I just tried it... SO easy! This is going to prove the death of me. :)

2002-10-16 12:33:06 ET

You are bad, bad people. That is just wrong and mean.

Now let me know how it turns out so I can make my ex-girlfriend quiz. ;)

-The Joker

2002-10-16 12:34:12 ET

I'm so making a "Which one of my Ex's are YOu" quiz...
too bad none of you know them!!
(oops! Well, Insomnia does... :)

2002-10-16 13:45:55 ET

You have more than one ex?

2002-10-16 13:57:39 ET

Oooh, I need to make a which one of Doktor 242's exes are you quiz!

2002-10-16 19:17:05 ET

i can't make an Ex's quiz... i really only have one the quiz would be pretty pointless... how about a which girl that had sex with me quiz? :-D

2002-10-16 19:34:14 ET

Vasekauskas Orphans would be a great band name.

2002-10-16 19:42:19 ET

so would "dead Vasikauskas squatters"

2002-10-17 04:29:48 ET

I WISH I only had one ex....
Sheesh Insomnia. :) hahah

2002-10-17 10:54:11 ET

lol thats really funny furax =P

2002-10-17 10:54:40 ET

And which After-Gyro Are You?
The digested one, the vomited one, the crapped out one,...

2002-10-17 11:00:26 ET

ew thats just yukky.. peh

2002-10-17 11:05:52 ET

furax...make a pick which girl furax should go after one...

i want to make one but i get froze on what to do it on.
pick what kind of _______ you are... hmmm
sex toy? cereal? pet? bumpersticker? see... too many choices...

2002-10-17 11:07:38 ET

when you take my ex boyfriend test

you DONT want to get this result

im 1/2way done the test btw... its funny i dont know how accurate though

2002-10-17 18:35:59 ET

gryfin, pick-which-girl-i-should-go-after quiz? what do you mean?

i don't even think he would want to get him as a result! haha :-D

2002-10-17 18:42:06 ET

no see, it's a pick-up tool! you put some girls you like on it. then we take the quiz and pick which one is the best for you, then she would feel obligated to go out at least once or else she might feel stalked from all of the sk's that took your test and wanted to know why she wouldn't go.
something like that.

or... we could do a who should you date for the girls to take, and put FURAX down for ALL the answers. hehehe....

2002-10-17 18:43:32 ET

haha clever! ;-D

2002-10-17 21:28:46 ET

*nods in agreement*

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