2002-10-17 16:58:40 ET

yay!!! DIGIT and ANIMA INFIRMARY are in the city at W2Zone along w/myself and Insomnia and Biomechanic... its all rainy outside and we jest came from Generations records despite the fact that we are dirt poor.. i played hooky from work today to take care of my sick friend (okay so maybe i just didnt wanna go to work) and am now descended upon by these neat-o cats from CT. its really quite disgusting, we're all wearing the same boots. im not quite sure the public knows what to make of us, and poor Digit looked like he was ready to stab someone on the 6 train... They both look like upstanding young lads with much to contribute to society and am pleasured at having made their acquaintance. PLUS i got presents .. free Scission and CY:RX cd's... i really am the luckiest girl in the world!!!! we also went and got pizza like a big happy family! it was the best!

and a certain totally awesome rivet stud muffin taught me how to link things from my page in HTML.

and i'm 1/2way done w/my 'which ex boyfriend are you' quiz..

today was a good day.

AND our roommate situation is about to change, with the scummy dirt punks being kicked out... that makes me very very happy...

this is the text that is underlined.

2002-10-17 16:59:38 ET

I obviously didn't teach you very well.

2002-10-17 17:01:11 ET

i can't remember whati was gonna say: but if i remember i'llprolly just say somethin cause you'resittingtwochairsdown fromme: the space bar hatesme:

2002-10-17 17:02:19 ET


she paid for my internet time.

i'm sorry for the somewhat innapropriate sexual statements that i may or may not have said to you.


2002-10-17 17:10:48 ET

heheh they taught you how to link BUT NOT HOW TO UN-LINK

2002-10-17 17:11:13 ET

ehhh . pimpin aint easy

2002-10-17 17:11:32 ET

Awww. <3

with might.

2002-10-17 17:12:12 ET

almost there!
*sprinkles gravy*

2002-10-17 17:12:51 ET

no linking porn on public computers you wh0re

2002-10-17 17:13:51 ET


When some one clicks that link looking for a studmuffin all they'll get is an error page.

DBD: Just do <a href="/biomechanic">omg he is so hot</a>

2002-10-17 17:18:58 ET

its not porn. its the all-seeing eye of god.

2002-10-17 17:20:09 ET

eh they're practically the same anyway:

2002-10-17 17:29:29 ET

oh yeah and we have come to the conclusion that anima infirmary looks like this :

2002-10-17 17:29:56 ET

yep, christian bale from american psycho

2002-10-17 17:30:05 ET


2002-10-17 17:33:30 ET

and its not PORN its pr0n !!!

2002-10-17 17:35:10 ET

again, i am half-flattered, by proxy.

2002-10-17 17:35:58 ET

though not really

2002-10-17 17:35:59 ET

Insomnia says: EVERY guy should either dress like that or in camo pants and a wife beater. There is no alternative.

2002-10-17 17:36:16 ET

nono no DBD sez TALL BOOTS

2002-10-17 17:37:23 ET


2002-10-17 17:38:26 ET


2002-10-17 17:38:44 ET

yes tall boots we are the tall boots brigade:

2002-10-17 18:58:24 ET

*skum punk squash!*

2002-10-17 19:55:32 ET

Heh, sorry I missed the insanity tonight, my friend with legal issues wanted to hang, and I just can't say no to him. (He's like a blind kitten, or a 3 legged puppy or something.)

Besides, I have like 6 bucks to my name until tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I'd have had trouble getting there, seeing as there's a trolley strike on.

Glad you kids had fun.

2002-10-17 21:32:01 ET

dude we were all broke as fuck. it was what united us together, that and the fact we were the tall boots brigade, and all ate different colored bags of skittles...

it was the most disgustingly cute thing i've ever seen. Andy/anima was nauseous by 11 pm but i dont think Izzy/digit got nauseous until the end...

and oh yeah anima... i know your secret about being a closet emo... 'they dont sleep no more on the beach...'

2002-10-18 11:37:47 ET

yeah. cute things can sometimes make me nauseous. photo ops involving being cute are guaranteed to make me nauseous.
like i said, it takes an emo to know an emo, sucka.
i had a good time. if you thought i didnt, its because you don't know how to read me yet. i'm notorious for giving the wrong impression to new people.
we'll definitely come see you guys again.

2002-10-18 12:04:03 ET

i knew you were having a good time, i do the same damn thing.

roommates leaving soon, more room for parties...

2002-10-18 12:53:21 ET

i'm glad you had a good time, like i told digit, i'm sorry you guys came when it was raining i was broke &we had problems finding the venue.. plus we're all jail bait so we got turned away... i am really bad at reading ppl though thats why i just act like a jack ass because i figure it will be entertaining one way or another...

if youre nauseous now just wait till i post the pics.. im scanning them now

youll lose your skittles, that you wil...

2002-10-18 14:50:21 ET


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