more pix *scroll down for 1st and 2nd set.. of mini-sk meet*
2002-10-18 16:47:38 ET

2002-10-18 16:50:48 ET

Wherever did you find such a fashionable hat?

2002-10-18 19:38:37 ET

strait thuggin'

2002-10-18 21:15:25 ET

awwww thats adorable:

2002-10-19 01:31:57 ET

w0rd t0 y0 m0tha, h0m3 sL1c3!!! haha ;-P

2002-10-19 03:33:44 ET

w0rd... p1zz4 sl1c3!!!

*does old school kriss kross dance moves at QXTS to cypress hill*

2002-10-19 03:40:05 ET

one night at the club i frequent they played the humpty dance: i rocked out to that shit: no one else really appreciated it though:

2002-10-19 05:42:06 ET

no way dude thats hot.. youll love q's i just know it

2002-10-19 05:42:24 ET

QXT's is a farce.

2002-10-19 05:44:37 ET

your mom is a farce

2002-10-19 05:45:01 ET

btw any opinion on new background/page makeover?

2002-10-19 05:46:54 ET

looks cool

2002-10-19 09:40:58 ET

Pizza Pizza yeah! :)

2002-10-19 13:30:36 ET

haha... ("p1zza sL1c3" was the cheesy joke i was trying to make!) ;-P

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