and this is how i ended up in jail... (once upon a time at an sk. meet)
2002-10-19 08:19:57 ET

it started out subtly

and then escalated (note the self-satisfied look on his face)

until i was a convicted child molester and couldnt move into a new neighborhood without soccer moms flyering it

2002-10-19 08:23:27 ET

First pic: That could be anyone!

Second pic: That is me trying to get your damn hand off my kiddie titties but you just want to keep on kidtouching!

Third pic: Yes, you are a child molester. And if my hands were arranged better, it should read "Blood."

2002-10-19 08:26:50 ET

i was there i saw the whole thing:

2002-10-19 08:35:40 ET

HA! ha! take that you manipulative lolita!! *okay book reference no ones gonna get that*

but i know that Digit, and Anima wont betray me.. they saw everything

2002-10-19 08:37:56 ET

haha bio from the blood gang

*flashes crypts sign*

kiddie tittie toucher

2002-10-19 08:54:42 ET

Hahahah, gang molester.

2002-10-19 09:34:32 ET

I think we all know what a Lolita is, DbD.

2002-10-19 09:44:55 ET

i didnt until like 2 months ago... hehe i think i used to be one too o_O

2002-10-19 10:16:30 ET

... and now the roles are reversed.


2002-10-19 11:43:22 ET

Yeah we all know about Lolita...

What an adorable story... and I like the intrigue afterward. You are a sexual deviant DbD I only hope Bio will be able to get over this with a little therapy. Just remember Bio, its not your fault.

oh yeah and props for reprazentin' the red...

-The Joker

2002-10-19 12:11:04 ET

These scars will never heal.

2002-10-19 12:34:19 ET

*hands bio 30k goth points*

2002-10-19 12:44:40 ET

::trades in goth points for meaty goth chick::

2002-10-19 13:47:14 ET

kiddy titty toucher! *gasp!*

2002-10-19 17:55:20 ET

hehe we're going to the bargain barn of goth chicks tonight, you may wanna save your goth points

2002-10-20 08:43:15 ET

Do you pay shipping?
-The Joker

2002-10-20 09:29:30 ET

do *we* pay shipping? it depends if you're ordering in bulk or not.. if you're only ordering 1 or 2 units we just can't.. do you have any idea how much these things weigh?

2002-10-20 12:36:49 ET

Not very much, most of the ones I know are anorexic.

-The Joker

2002-10-20 12:55:24 ET

you've obviousely never been out around this way: eheh:

2002-10-20 22:36:18 ET

::laughz:: this is true... oh and w3rk it's "Crips". ;)

-The Joker

2002-10-21 07:58:29 ET

whoops, didn't even realize i typed crypts

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