i made faint a present...
2002-11-08 12:40:36 ET

Faint is a very nice boy... youve gotta be a piece of work if i can stare at your face for a half an hour and not want to kill you :D photoshop is better than tv // too bad he logged off before i could show it to him..

2002-11-08 12:42:38 ET

they need to make photoshop for gameboy for those long dull bus rides when tetris just aint enough.

2002-11-08 12:54:37 ET

photoshop is the greatest thing in the world...
however, tetris is still the best for long bus rides

2002-11-08 12:56:40 ET

Hey! It's-a me, Faint... eeo!

I love it. This morning, though, I managed to actually think I was looking photo-worthy... I wish I had a camera always on hand and somebody to take the picture. :(

I think that picture is about 2 years old by now.

2002-11-08 13:22:36 ET

well emm.. its a cute picture... :D

::runs and hides::

2002-11-08 13:31:03 ET

Well, maybe only ONE year old.

2002-11-08 13:51:28 ET

hehe i remember when i did a photoshop for faint...i think i called it "bich boy" or something to that effect ;-P

2002-11-08 13:56:36 ET

Andy is my buddy.....and my bitch ::blows kisses::

all in all, kool kidd

2002-11-08 13:59:31 ET

here's the one i made: "whiney bitch" hehe ;-P


2002-11-08 17:22:32 ET

I still have it. :P

2002-11-08 20:37:40 ET

This is what you do instead of roleplaying?
God damn.

2002-11-08 20:42:35 ET

Wow, Bio, that makes it have extraspecial meaning for me. :) <3 <3 <3

2002-11-08 20:43:53 ET

I think I know why she stayed home. =b

2002-11-08 21:32:52 ET

not true.. there was.. other stuff.. that i did.. i just cant remember it now =P

2002-11-08 21:34:56 ET

Yeah, I think I know what all that stuff you "can't remember" is.

You can drink at roleplaying.

2002-11-09 06:48:39 ET

damnit this is what happens when I leave, she plays with more boys. . .

2002-11-09 07:49:12 ET


2002-11-09 09:01:03 ET

2002-11-09 09:01:12 ET

IM AN ENIGMA!!!!!!!!!!!

2002-11-09 13:51:36 ET

What's with the blank post? Did it say something else before?

2002-11-10 03:12:49 ET

nooo i was being mysteeeerious ;)

2002-11-10 16:31:45 ET

Heh. That gets me going. *meow*

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