2002-11-12 17:11:20 ET

i added a logo.

jumped on the AEAS bandwagon goddamn it rivetcorp needs marketing too

2002-11-12 17:14:50 ET

*goes to see what position you took*
We can share an office. :)

2002-11-12 17:28:09 ET

you don't mind that i'm going to register the rivetcorp domain, do you? you are the one who thought of it, after all - i think i should probably ask your permission before i register it.

2002-11-12 17:40:20 ET

noooooooo waaaaaaaaaaah how much does it cost?

2002-11-12 17:40:38 ET

i thought of it as a retalliation to CorpGoth.

2002-11-12 17:56:32 ET

heheheh. You sick little puppy. :)

2002-11-12 18:58:55 ET

i believe the service i was going throught was approximately $20.

2002-11-12 18:59:15 ET

AEAS and RivetCorp will KRUSH! Well, maybe just AEAS will KRUSH, but RivetCorp will watch and laugh!
AEAS is in need of more banners and posters. Perhaps RivetCorp could assist? An AEAS Leadership position would be in order... :D
Hail the Machine!

2002-11-12 19:07:21 ET

cuz you know, if i don't get rivetcorp, i will be a cheap bastard and get rivetk0rp.
but if i did get rivetcorp, you would, of course, have at least some level of creative input as far as design/content.

2002-11-12 20:05:43 ET

rivetcorp was before aeas and will always be the true icon of shadowy industrial dominance

2002-11-12 20:09:41 ET

i wonder what monte cazazza would say about that: heh:

2002-11-13 02:07:30 ET

"...and will always be the true icon of shadowy industrial dominance"

RivetCorp = Shadowy Industrial Dominance
AEAS = EMO and Hippy Krushing

Oranges and grapefruits, y0. They might both be citrus, but right now one's bigger and is a lot more bitter. :D

2002-11-13 02:52:03 ET

someone tell defektiv that i have a landlord to pay off and food to eat and klub to go to but other than that domain is MINE.

dont make me set up a 'snag rivetcorp first paypal account.

all ye who face my wrath beware

2002-11-13 02:57:16 ET

*kills everyone* <3


2002-11-13 07:07:50 ET

well actually i double checked and it's $7.95 @ stargate.com for registry. it's all yours.

2002-11-13 15:33:56 ET

you should make a smaller logo/button 50x50 px like the anti-whale thing. that would be snazzy.

2002-11-13 16:07:21 ET

make a 31x88 and it'll be linked on my page. Fuck I'm in love with that picture!! as such:

Or, if you like, I could make ya one (I need spare time, eep!)

2002-11-14 14:37:55 ET

bah then id have to find the time for a rivetcorp website
im too busy being corporate!!!

maybe im NOT worthy... =p

2002-11-14 14:41:14 ET

no you're definately worthy: but being that you're the head of the company it's your job to make everyone else do things like that for you: so you have time for more important things: like ... create ... and ...

2002-11-14 16:19:03 ET


2002-11-16 06:40:03 ET

i shall be ur death design drone minion for rivetcorp...

give me shi-ight to do gfor the site and i'll do it...

i've got mad skills like that..


2002-11-16 09:45:14 ET

Rivet me this, Rivet me that, who's afraid of the big, black.. boot(??)..?

(I should stop consuming illegal substances. Sheesh).

2002-11-16 11:43:01 ET

that would be a step....

in which direction i know not what

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