leave of absence::
2002-11-23 10:06:46 ET

okay kids i havent been on in awhile heres the update...

I still work as HR for the distributing company but i'm having to get a 2nd job. I start work at Blockbuster Monday at 530. shift ends at midnight:: i get home at 1230 and have to be up by 7 to make it to the day job on time. i will probably be working all of thanksgiving. Downside to Blockbuster:: i just had to buy my first pair of khakis. (note: having cargo pockets does not make khakis cooler. there is nothing you can do to make khakis cooler.) Upside to Blockbuster: all the free DVD rentals i could ever want. they actually encourage this. video games too.

also, to be a bitch, our other roommate (NOT INSOMNIA) 'magically cant find' the Verizon DSL config CD and has taken the router, so no internet for me. My posts will probably be infrequent and bitchy for a while so bear with me....

in other news::

went w/ Digit to the Guggenheim museum of Art... there was a show called "moving pictures" so the focus was on video installations etc. I think my favorite piece was a video installation about this old guy who ACTUALLY was the bank robber from the Brooklyn bank robbery featured in "dog day afternoon" w/Al Pacino. he went through the roberry blow by blow, he had a black suit/tie AND sawed off shotgun AND he was shit talking cops!! this guy is my fucking hero....

and when you get to the top of the guggenheim it looks like this ::

So this is my last weekend as a free human being... Fortunately the SKUMME is vacating our apartment ASAP... until then she makes us miserable with her inane 'deep conversations' with other skumme about things i thought of when i was 16 (note: theyre 25 and 30, respectively)... I'm extremely stressed out but not unhappy; i jumped down my ex's throat when he suggested i may be happier moving to FL; ive kind of gone too far to turn back now... the point of no return... and besides things are about to get alot better, all i have to do is hang in there, right::? *this is the Great New York Delusion*.... so ahh if your a friend of mine and ive been distant, phone cut off, not returning pm's/emails/aim requests etc... DONT FEEL BAD. i am just EXTREMELY busy right now... I STILL LOVE YOU. RELAX.

in other other news, LIFE [C]RIED is playing tonight at QXT's in Newark, New Jersey. You should go if you live in the tri state area and its at all possible... Life Cried is::

Death Condition (Chris)

Wintermute (Lenny)
Nachtrichter (noiseboyJon)

they are a bunch of fun lovin kid touchin Jersey rivetboi's and the last time i saw them i was entertained...

confirmed attendees: Digit, Insomnia, DBD *me!*, Storm, Doktor242, Biomechanic, Azraeltrigger, Sickbox... thats all my lil brain canthink of right now...

they are opening for Cenobita.. who i can only imagine resemble Hocico... i passed up meeting them last night @ Funhouse because i was tired as fuck... and Funhouse sucks... sorry Chris...

This may be my last post for awhile, imma keep myself occupied by trying to be productive in my few off hours by drawing/writing/music... so forgive me if i become antisocial, this weekend's gonna be my last fun one for a while...

later kids



oh yeah and Wintermute and Deathcondition and Storm came over to our house the other night.... that was fun... so i kinda didnt mind gointa work on the 2 1/2 hrs sleep the next day... i dont remember what day that was... i dont beileve in time anyway

2002-11-23 10:14:23 ET


oh man. tonight will be a blast.

2002-11-23 10:18:26 ET

DOOOD... you need to call Verizon and get that Shizznak fixed up. Heheh.. if you want me to call and pretend to be ELIZABETH FOX again, I'd be happy to.. LOL
I'm glad you're coming tonight; I'm glad to hear you got the blockbuster job! Working 20 hours a day is no fun, but it's surprisingly not too hard once you get used to it.
Don't be sad baby girl - and don't let NYC kick your ass!

2002-11-23 10:20:21 ET

booya! hang in there..and i'll see you tonight <3

2002-11-23 10:21:38 ET

::quotes Invader Zim::

"I'll beat you, City....


2002-11-23 10:24:56 ET

$and tell Izzy that he HAS to email me his postal address in order to recieve the package i have for him.$

2002-11-23 10:44:40 ET

GHLARB. I'm going to have to VISIT NYC in order to CHAT UP DBD.

2002-11-23 10:49:59 ET

Chat her up huh?
::Folds Arms::
No chatting up my son in my presence.

2002-11-23 10:54:17 ET

Daddy, I missed my period. :X

2002-11-23 10:54:28 ET

Haven't had any DBDTalking in a week or two or three.
*makes STORM go poof*
I had to do it.

2002-11-23 10:59:34 ET

what do you mean by 'chat her up'?

2002-11-23 11:01:35 ET

That actually means what it says, unlike the "noctournal troubleshooting/exploration" thing.

2002-11-23 11:02:20 ET

you guys think you all so goddamn smoov...

2002-11-23 11:03:52 ET

Heh, huh?

2002-11-23 11:06:07 ET

I know I'm smooth, i just requested Izzy's address. You seem to know his whereabouts.

2002-11-23 11:06:58 ET

Chat you up with the c0k.

2002-11-23 11:08:02 ET

Huh? What c0k? I don't know what you're talking about.
*pulls pants up*

2002-11-23 11:13:01 ET

Ah poo. Her am go offline again.

2002-11-23 11:34:42 ET

Stalkers will be krushed.

doktor will not be in attendance at the L[C] show tonight, as he has prior engagements.

That is all.

2002-11-23 11:39:43 ET


2002-11-23 12:27:55 ET

Stalkers? Is he talking about me?

2002-11-23 12:33:21 ET

He sees the stalker in your face.
The evil insoemthint gosmething.
He thata casomethign that you want.
the thosmethign.

they come in all shapes.

2002-11-23 13:44:27 ET

good luck with the jobs! (and you better be abusing that free rental policy!)

...i wish i was going to hang out with you all tonight. i can't make it though :-\

2002-11-23 13:54:47 ET

::Hums a little song::
The words to the song are
"Chrisssss issss a looooooooooser..."

2002-11-23 13:57:08 ET

good thing half of lorraine's friends are named chris hehe

2002-11-23 14:00:31 ET


2002-11-23 14:11:32 ET

Good come back. :)
But WE all KNOW who I'm talking about... hahahah

2002-11-23 14:13:52 ET

no WE do NOT! ;-P

2002-11-23 14:19:48 ET

You're not a part of WE stupid. PFFTTTT!!!
(jk) *baci*

2002-11-23 14:22:03 ET


2002-11-24 06:38:45 ET

any happy Newyorker sk.neters here wanna burn down some place in soho? ?

2002-11-24 07:46:43 ET

Ahhh... it's on W. B'way - that's at least six blocks from my house! ::pops blowtorch into backpack::

2002-11-24 07:56:32 ET


2002-11-24 11:32:24 ET

Chris242 sucks mad c0q for not coming out

Furax, you're lucky that you have so many friend points to cushion your absence last night with

and Total Eclipse:: why burn down that place? i'd do it just 'cuz you asked... but im curious anyways

2002-11-24 12:16:12 ET

i worked at blockbuster full time for a year. if there's a reason i'm so deadpan, it's that. that job destroyed me.

2002-11-24 15:33:29 ET

cant wait... oh man... at least its brainless, i assume that will let me focus on other things...

2002-11-24 16:17:24 ET

Had the same problem with Burger King.

2002-11-24 16:33:05 ET

oh i see...so is this how "friend points" are spent? ;-P

2002-11-24 17:44:12 ET

oh, are you just putting tapes away? that's not bad. it's arguing with customers over late fees, calling 150 customers daily to get tapes back, dumbing yourself down for eight hours a day so as not to confuse customers.... ack. anyway, that's where i learned to turn myself off... i don't think i ever learned how to turn back on again.

2002-11-25 01:54:40 ET

dbd - coz I work there.

2002-11-25 08:48:38 ET

...don't you live on a different continent?

2002-11-25 23:53:46 ET

yeah. The gallery's owner runs the place from an apartment in Tel-Aviv. (I'm only kidding, btw. Don't really burn it n' stuf... Unless u really want to)

2002-11-26 06:50:13 ET

there were no plans to actually burn it down: but i thought it was funny that upon visitng the link it was an art gallery that made mention of puppies on the front page: hahaha:

2002-11-26 12:41:08 ET

ahhh k :)

2002-11-27 16:45:37 ET

total eclipse - you still working at blockbuster?

2002-11-28 00:10:23 ET

...still... working...at..blockbuster..?

*great confusion*

I've never worked for blockbuster.

I worked for the Israeli military (2 months beyond my compulsory 3 year service), and now I'm an internet monkey for Agora Gallery .. .

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