i hate the sunday feeling
2002-11-24 11:51:09 ET

well imma post since im not sure when imma post again:

the L[C] show was great... EVERYONE showed up. Chris played us the hits as well as the new material ;) . Lil nachtrichter hid behind a laptop and a PAL shirt, and Lenny was a hunk (as usual) i had a very fun night for my last night out. i would try to list who was there but really it was EVERYBODY. so instead i will hang up who was NOT there in the sk.net town square so that everyone may fling rotten vegetables at their heads. the [L]osers are::




Even Sykospark showed up... it turns out she's a real girl!! and she can dance and stuff and was wearing a cool simpsons hoodie! i forgot to tell her that i stepped IN a pigeon earlier that night, thats right. my boot went straight through roadkill ;p Q's made up for it though. I really didnt pay as much attention to Cenobita as i should have, i was too busy socializing dancing etc...

we all took PATH train home... Bio crashed at my house... our roommate Rachel made a COMPLETE AND TOTAL BITCH out of herself, choosing to have a screaming hissy fit in front of Digit and Biomechanic... the childish behavior we have tolerated from her had me so angry i was shaking... i just mentioned to Digit that i was thinking of running and grabbing bagels and she goes "thats right!!! you should go!! !get the fuck out!!!" like a fucking psychopath, i dont want to get into the drama but she's part of the "sickie" category.. you see i have found that there is a whole subculture of people that that pretend to be sick and siphon the energy and life out of everyone around them because they are WEAK and have no other way of getting a sense of identity or attention. most of the time there are no redeeming attributes in their personalities and this is the only way they CAN get attention from others.. i know so many people like this... with this personality trait, and i'm sick of the SICKIES leeching off of the rest of us...

no time left to rant this will all be over in a week anyway the SKUMME is leaving, club was fun.... raine will be back to sk.net ASAP but im not sure when..

lovezyouguys and ill miss you


2002-11-24 11:53:53 ET

I loves you! Don't forget to keep in touch, y0.

2002-11-24 11:55:17 ET

ewww IN a pigeon?? LOL!

2002-11-24 11:55:35 ET

We can always forgive Furax.

That whole Rachel thing was just plain ackward and silly.

But QXTs was unf.
Thanks for the vanilla coke and count chocula. :X

2002-11-24 12:04:15 ET

come back soon...this i demand

thats the most fun i have ever had at qxt's

2002-11-24 12:05:18 ET

btw, you and digit are adorable :)

2002-11-24 14:41:39 ET

yesh! thanks everyone for coming out! i was definatly a fun night

2002-11-24 15:19:01 ET

yeah it rox0red...

omg syko *blushes* thankyouithink.....

i passed the corner... my pigeon isnt there anymore. i was all like 'hey guys check out my new boot...'


2002-11-24 15:19:30 ET

btw Chris i have conferred with the ladies and they have come to the unanimous conclusion that your vocals were sex0r

2002-11-24 15:28:40 ET

yeayaa! thats just how i rock my shit yo

2002-11-24 15:50:18 ET

thanx syko: =)

yeah i noticed how chris was gettin hit on left and right downstairs after they played: lol:

2002-11-24 16:18:17 ET

chris was mackin big time!!!

2002-11-24 16:18:43 ET

hahaha: big pimpin and shit:

2002-11-24 16:50:29 ET

i completely agree with the sickies thing. i think we should burn them at the stake.

2002-11-24 16:53:47 ET

aiight loki i'll get the fire, you get the stakes: we'll take em one by one:

2002-11-24 16:59:47 ET

::burns people who can't do jack shit due to unspecified back pain that acts up always at the right moment::

2002-11-24 17:02:49 ET

What about people like me who really are old and decrepit?

2002-11-24 17:07:02 ET

as long as you dont bitch and whine about it and try to guilt trip others into doing things for you. you're ok. but we'll be watching you ;)

2002-11-24 17:18:42 ET

while you're up and watching, could you geet me a Coke?

2002-11-24 17:25:15 ET

glad you had fun!
...and you best be forgiving me...i know where you live! ;-P
hehe j/k


2002-11-24 17:35:47 ET

sykospark = vrai fille! GASP

2002-11-24 17:52:26 ET

but but but ... the outside is.. SKEERY!!

2002-11-24 17:57:30 ET

oh and sunday should just be officially deleted from the week. and everyone gets friday off.

2002-11-24 17:58:12 ET

Nah, then saturdaY would suck.

2002-11-24 17:58:47 ET

too late
already does

2002-11-24 17:59:18 ET

but at least the week sould be shorter.

2002-11-24 22:12:48 ET

its the mean faces... the ladies love it... and so does azrael! ahahhaahh

2002-11-24 22:33:34 ET

and for the record, i was not HIDING, lol, it's not my fault that my laptop + keyboard stand is taller than me =p

2002-11-25 00:03:07 ET

heheh...mini John

2002-11-25 02:19:48 ET

yeah man i need a pair of those ridiculous 7-inch platform shoes or something, heh

2002-11-25 06:08:15 ET

i was sweating chris's mean faces. its funny because we all know him and chris is always laughing and shit in real life. and when he cracked for a split secind, that made the whole show for me. that goes for lenny too. dude, i thought he was gonna rip someone's head off. then i was like...oh, wait that's lenny. mr. softee.

2002-11-25 07:13:23 ET

i got a bunch of pics from the show that imma go through and post today: i know i've got at least one good one of jon behind the laptop/keyboard stand where all you see is

pal shirt

it's great...i wasn't really going for legibility with the pics, but i'll find the ones that make the most sense and put em up...

2002-11-25 10:33:38 ET

lol, mr. softee! hahah, i'm not really a meanie! hah

digit: nicceee!!! can't wait to see the pics!

2002-11-25 10:37:14 ET

yeah i wanna see the pics too, i probably look like a robot with a big black square for a head

2002-11-25 11:10:56 ET

Nachtricher in front.
Deathcondition in the middle.
Wintermute in the back.

But you get to see everyone. :X

2002-11-30 18:28:14 ET

How did I miss this?
You are all foxy bitchesssss...
Except for Syko... who is NOT to be trifled with.
Even though she grabbed my ass.

2002-12-01 10:59:42 ET

Grabasses BAD!

2002-12-01 11:02:28 ET

Grabass GOOD!

2002-12-01 11:36:48 ET

Kid touching = Ass Grabbing

2002-12-02 16:30:37 ET

yeah but ass grabbing doesn't always = kid touching:

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