few and far between:
2002-12-06 23:37:22 ET

at W2zone right now... all night LAN par-tay.

Users Biomechanic and Wintermute blew off to go to QXT's in New Jersey... so its just myself and Digit here... and Insomnia, well that doesnt count b/c she works here...

i havent been up to anything except for working nonstop day and night to get out of debt; i borrowed money to get myself & Insomnia the apartment... my only free time is for reading on trains... I havent been on in awhile, if you guys could update me on what i'm missing out on.. apparently Biomechanic gets more responses when he hacks my page than when i post journal entries:: maybe i should just let him take over...

erm lessee... I just finished a long-assed book "the art of dramatic writing" by lajos egri... its a very involved and difficult read... (i'm trying to write a comic book story and not make a jack ass of myself, you see). for some lighter reading i have purchased "The Matrix and Philosophy" which includes articles like 'Neo-Materialism and the Death of the Subject', 'Real Genre and Virtual Philosophy', and 'Religion of the Matrix and Problems of Pluralism'. This, to me, is recreation. no wonder the left side of my face occaisionally twitches and i jump when sudden noise occurs. i can only hope that i can translate all this literary garbage into something of substance.. i may have said this before but my lack of time before wasn't real... it was just a perceived lack of time. now i can consider myself lucky if i have time to shower and clean my room before going back to work. i'm also developing a severe discipline problem with waking up on time...

whats even better is that its colder than a motherfucker outside, quite frankly i'm not really feeling this christmas thing whatsoever. the best is the snow that gets the residue of car exhaust on it and turns black at the edges. yummy. i dont know how i'm hanging in there; i miss my freedom; i miss my friends, i dont like having to hop transit turnstiles to survive... after christmas i'm begging for my job at the bank back. i could console myself by saying ive learned some type of lesson but i honestly believe that not all experiences have value:: some are just miserable and unnecessary.

i think im going to make a list of all the things i intend to do because time is more precious than i thought.

we should be getting DSL back in our apartment somewhere around the 12th...

a million billion friend points if you read all this.

2002-12-06 23:40:45 ET

"i'm also developing a severe discipline problem with waking up on time..."
i doubt it's a discipline problem. more likely you're body screaming, "HEY I NEED SLEEP DAMMIT!"
bodies, for all intents and purposes, are machines. they should be maintained as such, no?
hope you get the chance to sleep soon.

2002-12-06 23:43:20 ET

yay! a billion points!

2002-12-06 23:56:47 ET

and our apt is fucking cold.. but you're never there so dunno if you noticed. . .

I'm wondering when the "it'll all pay off" part kicks in . .. I don't see it happening.

2002-12-07 01:25:46 ET

finances = pain

haven't seen you in a while either...although i haven't been out all that much anyway...
i wish i could say "glad to see you're doing all right", but i guess i really can't... :-\
i hope things get better for you soon...they say that money is the color of jealousy...well, non of us here are independantly wealthy so i'd say that we're all seeing those grren-eyed monsters...fuckin' dollars...

i'd like to see some of what you get done when you do write this comic storyline out...or at least give a general run down of the plot...

2002-12-07 07:56:51 ET

Poor DbD + Insomnia... You need to pack a bunch more people into your apartment to keep warm! :]
To-Do List:
1)Finish comic
2)Get insanely wealthy off comic's huge success
3)Hire ThermoFreebieConstruction to make your apt. better insulated
4)Buy a space heater
5)Live comfortably, and sleep much

Sounds like a plan, no? :]

Hope things work out for you guys soon.

2002-12-07 09:03:55 ET

Oooo, if I read it twice do I get a SHMILLION points?? Just think about it. A SHMILLION. Wow, that's a lot, eh?

Heh, you (and everybody else, for that matter) should read Generation X by Douglas Coupland. We're all pretty much in the same place in life, and it's a good time to be reading it...

About free time.. . Ever since I started working two weeks ago at the stinky art gallery, I've come to a realization - free time is SO MUCH MORE appreciated, when you have less of it. Before I was workin, I hardly noticed the weekends were any different than regular days (heck I barely knew which day it was anyway).. Sorry you're feeling all squished up with no time. . . Most of my army service was like that, and it sucks in a major way. :(
*puts blanky over yaz and insomnia fer warmth*

2002-12-07 10:19:11 ET

rubles > friend points

2002-12-07 11:56:55 ET

well welcome back, good to see you are still alive. I was thinking of picking up that Matrix book, maybe I will now, with the endorsement...
-The Joker

2002-12-07 14:15:27 ET

I hear ya on the free time thing, for some reason I guess we forget we need sleep or even a chance to relax and just keep working and fucking ourselves up. I found myself almost in tears the other day when I realized I only had three hours to sleep before I had to be up yet again. Good luck girlie, hang in there, it may not be worth it now but it will be at some point, if no more than a life lesson.


P.S. I work in a bookstore, I know you are financialy challenged lately so if you want reads just let me know. I get 40% on everything. =P

2002-12-07 17:39:19 ET

I actually wanted to read the Copeland book... didn't know anyone our age had actually read it. Should go find it now...

2002-12-08 00:37:42 ET

Our age? Why not? I still consider myself GenX (though I admit borderline GenY) . . Go 1981!

Hey, I saw Xanadu. I remember MTV when it didn't suck. My sister wore legwarmers (when it wasn't retro). I knew how to skate (and not just on a board) ;)

2002-12-08 05:29:24 ET

What is the cut off for Gen X anyway? If you're borderline I am definitely in. At least I was born in the 70's!

I meant our age, as in, not adult at the time. I had the feeling that Gen X was only something non-Gen-Xers read so they could "understand" these slacker kids . .. you know, parents trying to put a label on the problem...

2002-12-08 05:55:42 ET

Born in the 70's??? Eep! Suddenly I am young 'n stuff.
heh heh, mm anyway, it's actually a really good book. I'm in the middle of it right now, and it cracks me up.. Coupland also wrote another book I read bits and pieces of called "Microserfs" - Kindof a Dilbert-GenXY spin...

2002-12-08 06:06:03 ET

Well, 79 - but that counts!

I can tell you're in the middle of it, no one quotes that much from a book they read in the past...

2002-12-08 06:13:29 ET

Heh heh, true. Though I have been known to quote Douglas Adams endlessly even though I haven't read any of his books in years, just because I read them so many times ..

Same's true for Jhonen Vasquez ;)


2002-12-09 01:12:18 ET

Everyone quotes Jhonen, its a standred for goths.

Finances=suck, but it will pay off, trust me

2002-12-09 01:53:36 ET


I'm NOT goth.

2002-12-09 09:14:03 ET

I didn't say that. I just pionted out it's not unusual to quote Jhonen, because everyone does

2002-12-09 09:20:21 ET

are you really not goth or just saying you aren't becuase yr too goth to admit it? :P

2002-12-09 10:25:03 ET

Thatsmystapler - I think there's about 10 people in Israel including me that like Jhonen Vasquez. Probably no more than 20 that even know who he is.
Defektiv - Okay, I'm wearing blue-grey jeans, and a green-brown-military t-shirt, with brown boots, no makeup, no pussy ass jewelry except 4 black bangles. What do you think?

2002-12-09 10:25:27 ET

damn, i'm j/k. i'll know better next time...

2002-12-09 10:28:16 ET

You'd better or I'll be a-stompin' ;) GRrr. [;-]] <-- mean robot face

2002-12-09 13:16:23 ET

black bangles? sounds goth to me.


2002-12-09 13:59:43 ET

i get a million billion friend points slave sister

2002-12-09 16:36:34 ET

Million billion here too...
I'm broke broke broke
but I have bubble bath
so all is well.

2002-12-09 18:05:25 ET

hey i have black bangles! and I'm not goth.

But I am woman enough to admit that I used to be, sadly enough. I was the gothiest goth that ever gothed at one point.

2002-12-10 02:56:16 ET

Biggie *GRRRR*.

I am not goth.

*chops DefektivUnit and Insomnia's heads off*

There, no more of this goth nonsense, yes?

I think goth is something I actually never was.. I was a metalhead (hence the black bangles all the band t-shirts and other black stuff are in the closet), a grungekid (yeah, ripped jeans n' all, seattlecore!), slightly punkish at some period (hair in all shapes and colors, and I still got short spikes - and I love the music), I raved my time (hey, I do live in Israel, capital of psychedelic trance 8)), and now I go every week and stomp away at krunchy industrial/ebm/electro [though I don't think I'm really a rivet.. I do draw lottsa post-apocalyptic shit, though]. Mm.. Deep down inside, I suppose I'm sortof emo, too, so yeah.

Multisub (but not goth) is' us!

2002-12-10 07:10:05 ET

Yes, Israel home to "Infected Mushroom" if I am correct... I love that group.
-The Joker

2002-12-10 07:35:14 ET

Hurrah for multi culturalists! (storm hates narrow minded nazis)
...and Infected Mushroom is off the fucking hizznack.
(a good thing, for those unfamiliar with the Stormenclature) Hahaha!

2002-12-10 09:14:15 ET

yay for narrow minded nazis!

::ducks the bullets and evil glares::

2002-12-10 09:58:14 ET

Joker - Yess, Infected Mushroom is goot. Astral Projection is goot..
(turns up the Hocico. Heh, it's all the same shit anyway)

Storm - Thanks! Multizubkulturz rul. ;) Works for me to look/feel/listen to/do what I want.

Insomnia - ::AHha!, but will you duck the nuclear cruise missile??? hahaha!!::

2002-12-10 09:59:03 ET

I can avoid anything! ha!

::gives mean invincible grimace::

2002-12-10 10:20:11 ET

::pokes Justine in the belly::

Avoid this.


2002-12-10 10:20:46 ET

::throws up::

bah... way to hit a girl when she's down...

2002-12-10 10:59:28 ET

lol. That's like when you start coughing and then someone smacks you on your back! I never understood that - your friends/family taking advantage of your moment of weakness.

2002-12-10 11:30:43 ET

It's a baby thing... supposed to help you with choking. :)

::tickles justine::
There, that's not hitting. Haha

2002-12-10 11:32:58 ET


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