2002-12-17 16:45:33 ET

i remade the page:: dont know if it will stay this way.

lets see... its good to be on sk.net again, theyre taking super long with the DSL installation so i made a fake aol account... for the next week or so my screen name is keygen1023... But i missed you guys alot; i think im just going to stalk all my friend's pages for the next hour instead of making a long entry.

not much new stuff is going on; i attended a Genesis P'Orridge show in Midtown the other night... Digit and Anima Infirmary (it was animas idea) were there too.. the experience was hard to explain; it was in this super fucking cool loft-type space, everything was painted white and there were rope swings and leopard couches and foam noodles and vodka... it defies me to convey the magic there but Digit saw it. i wish it could have been Saturday night forever.

i need to sleep.

two things i must quit before they kill me::

-Instant Messenger


People (specifically boys) was supposed to be on that list but they bought themselves some more time.

i really regret getting that trashed at the Genesis show:: there were mad cool ppl there and i wanted to socialize. wanted to... now keep in mind i dont drink when i'm at home, by myself. but when i go out i cant just get buzzed.. i have to get trashed. i dont know if i should take it as a warning sign but the memory lapses have kept on; i'll attribute those on sleep deprivation and lack of vitamins.

brain no workie.

i go bed now.

2002-12-17 16:58:06 ET

Holy Bikini, Batman.

2002-12-17 17:07:25 ET

fake AOL accounts = the <3.

2002-12-17 17:09:48 ET

Ackkk! I miss you, my raven-haired love...
Are you coming out either Thursday (zenwarp) or friday (Q's) ??

2002-12-17 18:34:43 ET

hey, don't i know you? ;-P

how you doing? haven't seen you in a while...although, i haven't gone out (esp. to Q's) in a while.

and yes, binge drinking is not generally a good habit...moderation, yo...have you tried limiting the ammount of money you bring? because i've done that and it seems to work all right

2002-12-17 18:57:22 ET

I don't get how this fake aol thingie works... and don't worry kids, I live with this girl and I don't see her either.

2002-12-18 10:16:39 ET

yea yo, you were pretty trashed at citadel too hah

2002-12-18 13:19:50 ET

Oh yo, Throbbing Gristle are mad innovators and they are so responsible for, like, reality.

I wrote this whole fucking thing for you, and it disappeared, so I guess that's that, which is okay.

I was kinda just talking about the 70s and how a lot of fucking future-conforming shit came from that era. Kraftwerk, Throbbing Gristle, that one producer for Donna Summer (I can't remember his name, and I don't even really like him, but I think his sound pretty-much summed up the entire 80s consumer-culture), Punk, post-punk-mixed-with-pre-gothic-sentiment, Hip-Hop.

Okay, seriously, I had such a nice thing to reply, and now I'm finding myself trying to recover that which cannot be recovered. I feel you on alcohol, and yet your saying that makes me feel all the more ready to talk to you in a real mannor. I should get that AOL AIM shit again, huh? Ewww...AOL...but I must succomb.

Hey yo, if you're hung over...like, today, or ever, I feel you, 'cause I probably feel like you.

That's a bad way to end this. Let me do this sincerely...

DBD...I'm really inspired by you and I think you are really fucking on it. Keep that shit rocking.

2002-12-19 02:05:08 ET


mummble mumble *runs away*

2002-12-19 03:38:09 ET


*runs with eclipse.

2002-12-19 04:40:57 ET

*smacks lorraine's ass*

2002-12-19 04:42:18 ET

grabbin' a feel on the way, are we ? ;)

Screw passive resistance, I'm for active fleeing.

2002-12-19 04:43:07 ET

One must be efficient to make the
richest use of our time on earth.


2002-12-19 04:46:46 ET


uh... yeah. *keeps on runin'*

2002-12-19 04:57:08 ET

me too...

2002-12-19 05:06:13 ET

Yeah, I'd hate petrifying into a salt pillar.


Eh, screw it :looks back at Gamora:turns into a statue:really regrets looking back:dies:

2002-12-19 20:03:13 ET

gluteal shears?
*shakes eclipse on french fries*

2002-12-20 06:31:39 ET

lol! *yum*

2002-12-20 06:32:44 ET


2002-12-20 06:35:31 ET

Beware the gluteal Shears, anima...they are waiting for you NEW YEARS EVE!!! *clicks shears open and shut menacingly*

::shakes eclipse onto popcorn::

2002-12-20 07:01:19 ET

Okay, you're starting to get abusive, guys.

2002-12-20 07:03:07 ET

*Shake Shake Shake Senora... Shake your body line...*

Don't lie, Eclipse. You know you love to shake
those salty, un-sheared gluteal muscles.

2002-12-20 07:04:55 ET

I won't be lying when I say you can shake me any time, baby. ;)

*goes off to watch Beetlejuice*

2002-12-21 14:54:17 ET

okay this thread makes me want to drink more...

2002-12-22 00:36:57 ET

heh heh. Hooray for alcohol (my savior)!

2002-12-22 05:25:21 ET

I did the bottle of vodka on the counter this morn. . . ::glares at Raine::. ..

2002-12-22 05:35:53 ET

did NOT i did not it was andy:: you can ask him, or ask Digit!! I can last for more than a day; give me some credit!

2002-12-22 05:37:27 ET

I don't think it was there when I came home last night though - just this morn. I would believe it was Andy though and I just missed it or something.

Besides, there was only a teaspoonfull left. . . or something. . .

2002-12-22 06:41:15 ET

i swear to christ it was andy; like i said, ask him. i was like 'wheres the booze go? " and digit's like 'why should you care'

2002-12-22 10:18:28 ET

which bottle?
i emptied the contents of my bottle into a more manageable snapple bottle, if that's what you mean.

2002-12-22 10:20:25 ET

No there was the very large bottle we had from Bio-party that had a teasponfull left (and I woulda tossed it long ago had Raine not protested). It was on the counter this morn.

2002-12-22 10:25:15 ET


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