rivetcorp strikes again
2002-12-20 08:55:30 ET

spent an evening w/ Doktor242 at my former employer's christmas party. Unfortunately, the woman who fired me did not have the guts to show her ugly face. Rats. The stockbroker i like to hit on didnt show up either. Double rats.

I did, however, consume mass quantities of free alcohol at the bar (i think my drink count hit the double digits) but i dont remember, i was so trashed at the end of it i passed out on two trains and</> the company van, good thing i dont work there anymore and have no one in particular to impress.

in other news I AM NOT DRINKING ANY ALCOHOL FOR SIX WEEKS the dry spell starts today. this sounds ridiculous but it's not ridiculous yet because this is the first time i've officially, publicly (and not just while slumped over in a subway station wanting to die). I'm not sure if this dry spell can reasonably encompass new year's... maybe its going to end up being a new years resolution instead. but if you see me drinking, hit me...

i've come with a lot of progress in the story i'm writing and if any of the brain cell's i'm sacrificing to alcohol can be used to fill in the small plot inconsistencies that are left, this is so worth it. plus, i'm pissed that i missed much of the Genesis P'orridge show being trashed, thats when i got this idea.

wish me luck guys.



2002-12-20 08:59:02 ET

242 looks sleazec0re there.

you better not drink. i'll feel more than free to push you around if you does. :X

i love that slogan.
putting people first.
i love people.

2002-12-20 09:00:03 ET

oh man: that pic is darn cute: heh: i heart you guys:

2002-12-20 09:03:55 ET

bio: dude you are so on the money about doktor242

putting people first! LOL!

2002-12-20 09:25:07 ET

let's drink to that!

2002-12-20 09:38:26 ET

242 IS sleazec0re there.

2002-12-20 10:43:10 ET

good luck, it's not that much fun anyway

2002-12-20 12:06:35 ET

yeah dok you look like you're about to pull something out of your ass - literally

And public note: we told Raine her vow doesn't count on New Years - so she can either go six weeks and ignore NYE drinking, or start after. . . because I'm buying a lot of vodka for NYE and if she doesn't help we're gonna have one very drunk Anima on our hands. . .

2002-12-20 14:17:35 ET

good luck 'raine...but i think you should save that to be a new years resolution instead...but not getting quite so drunk on new years wouldn't be such a horrid idea, eh :-P

but really, i wish you luck :-)

2002-12-20 15:35:11 ET

ehhh, i've "promised" myself not to drink for an extended time period quite a few times, most notably after i was INSANELY sick at vesago in philly... and a couple other times after i've drank so much i was still fucked up in the morning, and i still end up drinking again the following weekend... lol

but hopefully you have stronger willpower than me and can actually pull it off, good luck =p

2002-12-20 17:51:30 ET

Good luck hun! I've gotten myself into more sticky situations drinking to excess in more situations than I care to remember anymore(the ones I can that is!). If you think about getting carried away just keep in mind those situations.

2002-12-21 06:46:39 ET

yeah..good luck trying not to drink, i'm on a week break from the alcohol at the moment (i'm sick), but i'll down a few beers and shots for you....good luck, and fill me in on the story.
damn doesn't this seem very ironic raine¿

2002-12-21 17:50:09 ET

That is a beautiful picture.:)

2002-12-22 05:52:00 ET

thank you I <3 the dok

2002-12-22 10:30:24 ET

And the dok <3s you back.

2002-12-22 10:40:01 ET

gotta <3 the doktor

2002-12-22 14:13:47 ET

you look really pretty in that pic.

2002-12-22 14:14:35 ET

lorraine, have you found a new slave mate yet?

2002-12-22 18:18:21 ET

em, dont bring that up here *cough* they dont know they're slave mates.

2002-12-22 18:20:49 ET

slave mates? -raises eyebrow-

2002-12-22 18:24:24 ET

Yes they do. They just don't care.

2002-12-23 11:56:43 ET

...i am no slave: i do as i will: ;)

2002-12-23 14:18:44 ET

you only THINK that because of the mind control she uses.

2002-12-23 14:34:23 ET

and shes known me for fourteen years....

2002-12-23 14:59:12 ET

yes, master!
*gives irken salute*

2002-12-23 20:01:47 ET

heheheh, if we were Irkens, then Insomnia and Wintermute would be our masters... ;)

2002-12-24 04:10:47 ET


2002-12-24 04:23:03 ET

irken...like ZIM:

2002-12-24 04:26:01 ET

oh... like that show everyone has watched but me.

yeah, masters.

2002-12-24 19:29:52 ET

Well, the Irkens are ruled by the almighty tallest; that's you and Wintermute, no?

2002-12-24 19:31:53 ET

and bio.

2002-12-24 19:46:57 ET

Well I would know that if I was pop-culture literate. Unfortunately, I am only standard-issue-greatliterature-literate, so I don't know anything about Zim.

2002-12-24 19:49:06 ET

2002-12-24 19:53:21 ET

Yeah, i'm fairly lacking in the greatliterature department, as I find the english used by writers prior to 1930 irritating and difficult to read.

2002-12-24 19:54:47 ET

I heard that Chaucer guy was a ninny.

2002-12-24 20:19:23 ET

Okay, deal: I'll help you read Chaucer, you help me understand the appeal of Zim & other popculture bullshizt.

2002-12-24 20:29:17 ET

zim is funny: no other real appeal other than amusement executed in a unique manner:

2003-02-01 18:51:39 ET

wee for my birthday im getting smashed!!!

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